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In today’s post, we’re answering a popular question: “How many kids does Nick Cannon have?” Known for his vibrant career in television, music, and film, Nick Cannon also embraces the role of fatherhood.

Delving into Nick Cannon’s Family Life

As of the most recent data in July 2023, Nick Cannon is a father to seven children from various relationships. Cannon’s journey into fatherhood began with his marriage to pop superstar Mariah Carey. Together, they had twins, Moroccan Scott Cannon and Monroe Cannon, born in 2011.

Following his divorce from Carey, Cannon welcomed son Golden “Sagon” Cannon and daughter Powerful Queen Cannon with model Brittany Bell. In June 2021, he also became a father to twins Zion Mixolydian Cannon and Zillion Heir Cannon, whom he shares with DJ Abby De La Rosa. In the same month, Cannon’s seventh child, Zen Cannon, was born, whom he shares with model Alyssa Scott.

Cannon’s Family Beyond the Spotlight

Despite his busy career, Nick Cannon often expresses the joy and fulfillment he experiences being a father. His social media platforms serve as testament to his dedicated fatherhood, featuring tender moments with his children.


Q1: How many kids does Nick Cannon have?

As of July 2023, Nick Cannon is the father to seven children.

Q2: Who are the mothers of Nick Cannon’s children?

Nick Cannon’s children are from his relationships with Mariah Carey, Brittany Bell, Abby De La Rosa, and Alyssa Scott.

Q3: What are the names of Nick Cannon’s children?

Nick Cannon’s children are Moroccan Scott Cannon, Monroe Cannon, Golden “Sagon” Cannon, Powerful Queen Cannon, Zion Mixolydian Cannon, Zillion Heir Cannon, and Zen Cannon.


In summary, answering “How many kids does Nick Cannon have?” offers a glimpse into the personal side of a man known primarily for his dynamic career in entertainment. Behind the scenes, Nick Cannon embraces the role of fatherhood, navigating its challenges and joys with his seven children.

This information is current as of July 2023. For the most updated information, we recommend checking Nick Cannon’s official profiles and verified news sources.

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