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Talented actress and producer Nia Long has impressively balanced her highly successful acting career in films like “Boyz n the Hood” and “The Best Man” franchise with raising a family. In total, acclaimed performer Nia Long has two sons from previous relationships.

Overview of Nia Long’s Acting Career

Nia Long jumpstarted her acting career in the early 90s with memorable appearances in sitcoms “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and “Living Single” as well as acclaimed movies like “Boyz n the Hood.” She quickly became a household name appearing in dozens of films over the ensuing decades.

While acting talent clearly runs in the family, neither of Long’s sons have followed their mom into Hollywood stardom yet. Let’s take a closer look at both of Nia Long’s kids and their respective fathers:

Nia Long’s Children

Kez Sunday Udoka

Nia Long gave birth to her first son Kez Sunday in 2000 with former boyfriend Massai Dorsey. As Kez Sunday Udoka grew up, he took his stepfather Ime Udoka’s last name when Nia married the now-Boston Celtics coach in 2015.

Today, Kez Sunday Udoka is 23 years old. He’s stayed mostly out of the spotlight unlike his high-profile mom. While focusing on his education in recent years, Kez Sunday suffered a scary health issue in 2021, requiring emergency surgery for brain swelling. But he fortunately made a full recovery.

Massai Zhivago Dorsey II

Just three years later after Kez’s birth, Nia welcomed her second son Massai Zhivago Dorsey II in 2003. She gave birth to her second boy with the same former boyfriend and Kez’s biological dad, actor Massai Z. Dorsey.

As of 2023, son Massai Zhivago Dorsey II is 20 years old. He possesses both athletic and creative talents, currently pursuing a passion for music production and songwriting like his father Massai Dorsey. Massai II also stays out of the public eye, preferring privacy over fame while furthering his talents.

So in summary, esteemed actress Nia Long has two children – elder son Kez Sunday Udoka, 23, and younger son Massai Zhivago Dorsey II, 20. Both kids were born from previous relationships before Nia Long’s second marriage. And eachadult son now pursues his respective creative passions outside of acting while their mother continues wowing fans on screen after over thirty acclaimed years in cinema and television.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nia Long’s Family and Children

Who is Nia Long married to now?

Nia Long is currently still married to her second husband Ime Udoka, head coach of the NBA’s Boston Celtics, after tying the knot in 2015.

Does Nia Long have full custody of her kids?

Yes, sons Kez and Massai II both primarily reside and spend time with Nia Long as dependents despite coming from previous relationships early in her career.

Where did Nia Long attend college?

Nia Long briefly attended Westchester University in Pennsylvania where she studied journalism and screenwriting before dropping out to actively pursue modeling and acting as career aspirations by age 18.

What TV shows were Nia Long’s kids in?

Neither of Nia Long’s children Kez nor Massai II have acted in television shows or films as their 51-year old mother has. Both kids remain focused on their own education paths and creative interests instead.

Who was Nia Long’s first husband?

Nia Long has only had two husbands – renowned music producer Terrence Howard to whom she was very briefly married for less than one year up until 1994, and her current husband NBA Coach Ime Udoka wed in 2015.

While Nia Long herself continues earning acclaim across her acting career spanning multiple decades, her two kids now gradually build their own respective passions outside of the spotlight focused on creativity much like their mother. Fans surely continue looking forward to Long captivating viewers through many future acclaimed performances while her sons find their own paths developing behind the scenes.

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