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Introduction to Ne-Yo’s Prolific Music Career

Known for his smooth voice and suave style, Ne-Yo emerged as one of R&B’s most consistent hitmakers in the mid 2000s writing smashes for other artists while churning out solo bangers like “So Sick” and “Closer” that dominated airwaves and charts.

A three-time Grammy winner to date, Ne-Yo’s musical output remains prolific with nine studio albums deep so far. But nearly as plentiful as writing credits are Ne-Yo’s kids – he currently has five children total and counting from various past relationships.

Father of Five Children

By age 42 in early 2022, award-winning singer/songwriter Ne-Yo had already fathered five children – four sons and one daughter between the ages of 1 and 11 – from multiple previous relationships making him both a biological and stepfather simultaneously.

Names and ages of Ne-Yo’s kids:

Mason Evan Smith – born 2005 (with ex-girlfriend Monyetta Shaw) Madilyn Grace Smith – born 2010 (also with Monyetta)
Shaffer Chimere Smith Jr. – born 2011 (with first wife Crystal Williams) Roman Alexander-Raj Smith – born 2018 (with second wife Crystal Renay) Isabella Rose Smith – born 2021 (also with second wife Crystal)

Puts Fatherhood First Despite Relationship Troubles

While his love life has made headlines for turbulence – including divorcing both wives – Ne-Yo makes clear all his kids are equally loved and provided for as his main priority. He was awarded full custody of the two eldest children with ex Monyetta Shaw in 2020.

And despite divorcing twice, Ne-Yo maintains positive co-parenting relationships with all mothers while balancing his music-making grind. “Fatherhood before anything,” he’s stated over the years when asked about his world away from touring.


Plenty of musicians churn out baby mamas and kids along ride to the top. But what makes R&B hit machine Ne-Yo’s fatherhood story a bit more honorable is the commitment he shows as an involved dad to his five children while dealing with various relationship shifts.

Whether bringing kids on tour busses for quality time or fighting to gain legal custody, Ne-Yo puts actions behind words when citing his children as his proudest legacy no matter how many more platinum singles he racks up over a thriving multi-decade career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is the mother of Ne-Yo’s kids?

A: Ne-Yo has kids with three women – ex-girlfriend Monyetta Shaw, plus actress Crystal Williams and model Crystal Renay whom he married.

Q: Does Ne-Yo have full custody of his eldest kids?

A: Yes, Ne-Yo was granted sole legal and physical custody of daughter Madilyn and son Mason after a 2020 court case with Monyetta.

Q: What is Ne-Yo’s oldest child’s name?

A: Ne-Yo’s oldest child is a son named Mason Evan Smith born in 2005 to former girlfriend Monyetta Shaw.

Q: Are any Ne-Yo’s baby mamas famous?

A: His second wife Crystal Renay had minor reality TV fame appearing on Platinum Life about musician spouses.

Q: Where does Ne-Yo live with his family?

A: When not touring, Ne-Yo resides in a luxurious mansion in the Atlanta suburbs to remain near all 5 children as best possible.

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