NBA YoungBoy Kids


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In this post, we’ll tackle a topic often pondered by fans worldwide: “How many kids does NBA YoungBoy have?” NBA YoungBoy, whose real name is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, is a prolific rapper who has equally been busy building a family.

Meet the Gaulden Family

As of our latest update in July 2023, NBA YoungBoy is the proud father of seven children. Gaulden’s journey to fatherhood started at a young age when he had his first son, Kayden Gaulden. This was followed by the birth of Kamiri Gaulden, Taylin Gaulden, Kamron Gaulden, Kacey Gaulden, and two more children whose names are not publicly known.

NBA YoungBoy’s children come from various relationships, and despite his young age and bustling career, he’s shown an ongoing commitment to being present in his children’s lives.

The Man Behind the Music

Although NBA YoungBoy’s life as a rapper is in the public eye, his role as a father is something he tends to keep more private. Still, fans get a glimpse of his dedication to his children through his social media platforms, where he often shares moments of family time.


Q1: How many kids does NBA YoungBoy have?

As of July 2023, NBA YoungBoy is the father to seven children.

Q2: What are the known names of NBA YoungBoy’s children?

The publicly known names of NBA YoungBoy’s children are Kayden Gaulden, Kamiri Gaulden, Taylin Gaulden, Kamron Gaulden, and Kacey Gaulden.


To summarize, the question “How many kids does NBA YoungBoy have?” reveals a personal aspect of a rapper mostly recognized for his contributions to the music industry. Behind the stage, NBA YoungBoy takes on the vital role of fatherhood, embracing its joys and responsibilities with his seven children.

This information is accurate as of July 2023. For the most current details, we recommend checking NBA YoungBoy’s official profiles and verified news sources.

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