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Over the last few years, Morgan Wallen has become one of the biggest breakout stars in country music. The singer is known for hits like “Whiskey Glasses” and “Wasted on You.” But many fans are curious about his life away from the limelight – especially when it comes to his family. So how many kids does rising country star Morgan Wallen have?

Father to Infant Son Indigo

As of 2023, Morgan Wallen has one young child – a son named Indigo Wilder who will turn 3 years old in 2023. He shares parenting duties with Indigo’s mother, his ex-fiance Katie Smith.

Relationship With Son’s Mother Katie Smith

Wallen and Katie Smith dated on-and-off for close to a decade before getting engaged in 2020, soon expecting a baby together. However, the couple split just a few months after Indigo was born in July of 2020 during the pandemic. They broke off their engagement but have reportedly remained cooperative co-parents with shared custody of infant Indigo since their split.

Details on both Morgan’s son and relationship drama with ex Katie Smith exploded publicly after his controversial 2021 racial slur scandal. But Wallen’s focus has largely remained on fatherhood rather than rekindling any past relationship.

Maintaining Private Family Life

Country singers’ personal lives frequently make headlines. However, perhaps learning from other stars, Morgan Wallen intentionally keeps his family largely out of the public eye including his son Indigo and ex Katie Smith.

As Wallen told Entertainment Tonight in 2022:

“I want him (Indigo) to make his own decisions on what he wants the world to know about him,” Wallen noted. “And I want to be there for him and help him navigate that when the time comes. I just think children should have privacy.”

Additionally, Morgan refuses public discussions of past relationships and maintains an amicable co-parenting dynamic with ex Katie Smith today.

Balancing Music Career and Fatherhood

Becoming a first-time dad at age 27, just as his career exploded, could have been destabilizing. However, Morgan Wallen seems to have embraced the responsibilities of parenthood. Despite his busy touring schedule, he makes family his top priority.

As he told media:

“When I became a dad, I grew up a lot. I knew I had to make a lot of changes in my life, put my son first”.

Understanding the spotlight on himself, Morgan goes above-and-beyond to give infant son Indigo normalcy. The little boy frequently travels on tour with his dad riding buses and seeing crowds. But Wallen also prioritizes giving his son a stable home base in Nashville with lots of family support.


While still a young artist, country sensation Morgan Wallen has already taken on one big role – fatherhood. He currently has one son, Indigo Wilder, born in 2020 with ex-fiance Katie Smith. Despite relationship struggles, Morgan intentionally keeps his son’s life private but makes co-parenting and normal routine a priority.

Balancing fast-paced music success thanks to hits like “Up Down” and “Sand in My Boots” along with parenting duties would be challenging for anyone. But the grip Wallen maintains on his personal life while succeeding professionally is a good sign for his future both as an artist and dad.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How old is Morgan Wallen’s son?

A: His son Indigo Wilder was born in July 2020. He will turn 3 years old in 2023.

Q: What is Morgan Wallen’s son’s full name?

A: Morgan Wallen’s son with ex Katie Smith is named Indigo Wilder Wallen.

Q: Who is the mother of Morgan Wallen’s child?

A: Morgan Wallen shares son Indigo Wilder with his ex-fiance Katie Smith. The two were engaged briefly in 2020.

Q: Did Morgan Wallen have a baby with his girlfriend?

A: No, Morgan Wallen is not currently dating anyone seriously. His only child Indigo Wilder was born in 2020 to then-fiance Katie Smith.

Q: How involved is Morgan Wallen in his son’s life?

A: By all accounts, Morgan goes above-and-beyond to co-parent infant son Indigo Wilder equally with ex Katie Smith despite a busy music tour schedule.

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