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Few athletes have successfully transitioned into entertainment fame like Michael Strahan. After a 15-season NFL career, Strahan became a beloved TV figure as host of ABC’s Good Morning America and Fox NFL Sunday. But before the bright camera lights, Michael is a dedicated father. So exactly how many kids does Michael Strahan have?

Michael Strahan Has 4 Children

Retired football superstar Michael Strahan has four children – two daughters and two sons:

  • Tanita Strahan (b. 1992)
  • Michael Strahan Jr. (b. 1995)
  • Isiah Strahan (b. 1995)
  • Sophia Strahan (b. 2009)

While highly accomplished both on and off the field, Michael always puts fatherhood first within his blended family.

Meeting First Wife Wanda Hutchins

Michael Strahan met his first wife, Wanda Hutchins, way back when he was just 19 years old after he enrolled at Texas Southern University on a football scholarship. The two young college sweethearts dated for seven years before tying the knot in Germany in 1992 during the early days of Michael’s NFL career.

Between 1993 and 1995, Michael and Wanda welcomed a daughter named Tanita together, followed by twin sons Michael Jr. and Isiah in Germany where Michael played for part of his career.

As Michael’s fame and success grew, the marriage ultimately couldn’t withstand the spotlight and pressures from football, leading to Michael and Wanda’s divorce in 1996 after just four years.

Remarrying in 1999

A few years after his split from first wife Wanda, Michael found love again and tied the knot a second time to Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife Jean Muggli in 1999.

The couple welcomed their first daughter Sophia in 2009, joining Michael’s three older children from his previous marriage with ex-wife Wanda.

However, marital struggles plagued the relationship as Michael later accused Jean of taking him to the cleaners during their divorce. The contentious breakup took several years to finalize before the divorce became official in 2006.

Despite two failed marriages, Michael has maintained a strong bond with all four of his biological children.

Dedicated Dad of Four

While his personal relationships made headlines, Michael has shared that his lifelong focus has always simply been on his kids:

“I’ve got four kids I have to take care of. My kids are young. They need attention from a father just like anybody else.”

He also credits football for teaching him values that strengthen his parenting abilities. In an NBC News interview Michael shared:

“You learn a work ethic from football that I don’t think a 9-to-5 job gives you. I’m able to teach my kids that.”

So it’s clear Michael’s top priority will always be raising his four children, no matter what incredible feats he accomplishes on TV or the football field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions people have about Michael Strahan’s family:

Where did Michael Strahan go to college?

Strahan played college football at Texas Southern University where he met first wife Wanda Hutchins. He now advocates for HBCUs through philanthropic work.

What teams did Michael Strahan play for?

Michael spent his entire 15-season NFL career (1993-2007) with the New York Giants and won Super Bowl XLII.

Did Michael Strahan adopt kids?

No, all four of Michael’s children—Tanita, Sophia, and twins Michael Jr. and Isiah—are his biological kids with ex-wives Wanda Hutchins and Jean Muggli.

Where does Michael Strahan live now?

Michael Strahan resides in New York City where he films Good Morning America. He co-parents his younger daughters Sophia and twins Isiah and Michael Jr.

What is Michael Strahan’s net worth?

According to reports, retired football great turned media icon Michael Strahan has accumulated an estimated net worth of $65 million.


Behind the success and two difficult splits lies devoted single father Michael Strahan who puts his four kids above all else. Though he faced bumps on the road, Michael remains dedicated to co-parenting the twins and daughters he loves most – the real MVPs in record-setter’s Michael Strahan’s life outside the glory and gridiron victories.

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