How Many Kids Does Meredith Grey Have? The ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Doc is a Mom of 3

Meredith Grey, the namesake lead character at the heart of ABC’s hit medical drama Grey’s Anatomy,” has gone through plenty of ups and downs over 17 seasons and counting. This has included motherhood times three – Meredith has welcomed three children into her unconventional family throughout the show’s run.

Meredith Currently Has 3 Children

As of 2024 in the Grey’s Anatomy timeline, Meredith is the mother of three kids:

  • Zola Grey Shepherd, adopted daughter, age 12
  • Bailey Grey Shepherd, biological son, age 10
  • Ellis Grey Shepherd, biological daughter, age 7

Meredith first adopted Zola with her now-deceased husband Derek Shepherd back in Season 7 of the show. She later had two more children biologically after Derek’s passing.

Zola Was Adopted from Malawi

Meredith’s oldest child Zola originates from the southeast African country of Malawi. As an infant, she was brought to Seattle’s Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital for treatment of spina bifida. Her biological mother died during childbirth.

Meredith bonded with the orphaned baby and eventually made the decision to adopt Zola along with Derek. After a legal dispute, their adoption was finalized. Zola became an official Grey-Shepherd in early 2012 on the show’s timeline.

Her Two Youngest Are Named After Family

After the plane crash that led to Derek Shepherd’s untimely death, Meredith discovered she was pregnant from their last encounter together. In Season 11, she gave birth to a son named Bailey.

A couple years later, Meredith had a surprise second pregnancy and gave birth to a daughter she named Ellis, after her trailblazing mother who was also a surgeon. Bailey and Ellis do not share a father as Derek was already gone when Meredith had her second pregnancy.

Juggling Motherhood and Work

Like her own mother, Meredith has had to find a balance between raising babies and children with continuing her successful career as a general surgeon. She relies heavily on the support of her Grey’s Anatomy colleagues, as well as Derek’s sister Amelia who lives with them.

Meredith has admitted to not always being the most doting, hands-on mom. But there’s no question she loves her three kids deeply and would move mountains for them if necessary. The loss of her own parents continues to motivate Meredith to raise Zola, Bailey, and Ellis right.

FAQs About Meredith’s Kids

Here are some frequently asked questions about the children of Meredith on the show Grey’s Anatomy:

How old were Zola, Bailey, and Ellis at the start of Grey’s Anatomy?

When introduced on the show in Season 7, Zola was an infant. Bailey and Ellis had also not been born yet when the show began in 2005.

Who plays Meredith’s kids on Grey’s Anatomy now?

The current young actors playing her children are Aniela Gumbs as Zola, Kai Kroeger as Bailey, and Scarlett Lam as Ellis.

Does Meredith Grey only have daughters?

No, Meredith has two daughters – adopted daughter Zola and biological daughter Ellis. She also has one son, Bailey, who is her biological child as well.

Who helps take care of Meredith’s kids?

Meredith gets lots of help with childcare from her fellow doctors at the hospital, including long-time friends Miranda Bailey and Richard Webber, as well as sisters Maggie and Amelia who live with them.

Who is the father of Meredith’s children?

Derek Shepherd fathered Bailey and Ellis with Meredith before the character was written off the show. The father of adopted daughter Zola is unknown.

Though not always the most graceful mother, Meredith Grey has indeed embraced raising her three children Zola, Bailey, and Ellis on Grey’s Anatomy while still nurturing her genius as a surgeon.With an extended family at Grey Sloan Memorial behind her, she manages the same work-life balancing act so many working moms relate to.

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