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How Many Biological Children Does Michelle “Meech” Duggar Have?

Michelle “Meech” Duggar and her husband Jim Bob are known for having a very large family of 19 children, which was featured on the TLC reality show 19 Kids and Counting. Meech gave birth to a total of 19 children over the years.

Her first child, Josh, was born on March 3, 1988 when Michelle was 21 years old. She continued having children each year for the next several years.

Her other biological children, in order of birth, are:

  1. Jana (b. January 12, 1990)
  2. John-David (b. January 12, 1990)
  3. Jill (b. May 17, 1991)
  4. Jessa (b. November 4, 1992)
  5. Jinger (b. December 21, 1993)
  6. [Joe (b. January 20, 1995)]( registry-exercises/)
  7. Josiah (b. August 28, 1996)
  8. Joy-Anna (b. October 28, 1997)
  9. Jedidiah (b. December 30, 1998)
  10. Jeremiah (b. December 30, 1998)
  11. Jason (b. April 21, 2000)
  12. James (b. July 7, 2001)
  13. Justin (b. November 15, 2002)
  14. Jackson (b. May 23, 2004)
  15. Johannah (b. October 11, 2005)
  16. Jennifer (b. August 2, 2007)
  17. Jordyn (b. December 18, 2008)
  18. Josie (b. December 10, 2009)

So in total, Michelle Duggar has given birth to 19 children of her own over the past decades.

Does Meech Have Any Adopted Kids?

In addition to their 19 biological children, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have also provided foster care for children in need over the years.

They officially adopted one child, named Tyler (b. January 25, 1996).

The Duggars fostered Tyler beginning in 2008 when he was 11 years old. His birth mother was unable to properly care for him and he was placed in foster care as a baby.

The Duggars officially adopted Tyler in 2016 when he was 20 years old. He was featured on several episodes of the family’s reality shows 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On while he lived with them.

In Touch Weekly reported that Tyler decided to leave the Duggar family not long after being officially adopted and is now living on his own away from the limelight of the family’s fame.

So while Michelle and Jim Bob have fostered other children temporarily, Tyler is the only non-biological child they formally adopted. So Meech’s total number of children – both biological and adopted – comes to 20.

Does Michelle Plan to Have More Children?

After Josie was born in 2009, Michelle suffered a life-threatening complication related to the pregnancy called preeclampsia. The condition led to her having an emergency C-section and extended hospital stay after giving birth.

Due to the health complications from Josie’s birth, Michelle and Jim Bob decided Josie would be their last biological child. Michelle was 44 years old when she gave birth to Josie.

In an interview with Today Parents, Michelle shared, “The doctors told us that we shouldn’t get pregnant again, so we feel like we have closed that chapter of life.”

So while Michelle and Jim Bob are certainly busy still raising their large family, they do not plan to add any more kids at this point through births or adoptions. Their family is staying steady at 20 children – 19 biological and 1 adopted.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Duggars’ Children

Here are answers to some of the most common questions people have about Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s large family:

How can Michelle handle so many kids?

In interviews, Michelle often mentions having systems in place to run her household efficiently with so many children. Chores are assigned to each child and they have a schedule they follow each day. She also gets help from her older daughters in caring for the younger siblings.

Are all of Meech’s kids married or in relationships now?

Most, but not all, of the adult Duggar children are married now or in a courtship (their term for a committed relationship). Josh, John David, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah, Joy Anna, Jedidiah and James are all married. Justin is also married. Several others have been rumored to be courting but with no official announcements.

Does Michelle homeschool all her kids?

Yes, Michelle and Jim Bob have chosen to homeschool all of their children. The older girls often help teach their younger siblings and some take online college classes for a degree as well.

How can the Duggars afford all those kids?

In the early years of their family, Jim Bob supported them financially working in real estate and politics. Their income increased significantly once their TV shows began airing and they could better provide for their large family.

Do all the kids get along or fight?

Like most siblings, there is bound to be squabbles and tension between so many different personalities and ages. But the family emphasizes forgiveness and working through issues. Many of the siblings remain very close into adulthood since they grew up together.

So in the end, Michelle “Meech” Duggar has given birth to or raised a total of 20 children (19 biological, 1 adopted) over her life as a mother. It’s a supersized family by anyone’s standards!

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