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The question, ‘how many kids does Marjorie Harvey have?’ often arises in discussions about the wife of popular television host Steve Harvey. Marjorie Harvey, also known as Marjorie Elaine Harvey, is recognized for her role as a fashion influencer, philanthropist, and mother.

Marjorie Harvey is the mother of three children from her previous marriage – Morgan Hawthorne, Jason Harvey, and Lori Harvey.

A Look into Marjorie Harvey’s Personal Life

Born on October 10, 1964, in the United States, Marjorie Harvey came into the public eye through her relationship with Steve Harvey, the renowned television host and comedian. Marjorie and Steve married in 2007, merging their families together.

The relationship between Marjorie and her children is a significant part of her life. She is committed to providing them with a supportive, loving environment that encourages personal growth and development.

Marjorie Harvey as a Mother

Marjorie Harvey’s role as a mother extends beyond her biological children. Upon marrying Steve Harvey, she embraced his children from his previous marriages, effectively becoming a mother figure to them.

As a mother, Marjorie Harvey focuses on instilling values such as love, respect, and ambition in her children. She consistently demonstrates the importance of family ties, mutual support, and personal integrity.


  1. How many kids does Marjorie Harvey have?

Marjorie Harvey has three biological children – Morgan, Jason, and Lori.

  1. Who is Marjorie Harvey married to?

Marjorie Harvey is married to television host and comedian Steve Harvey.

  1. What is Marjorie Harvey known for?

Marjorie Harvey is known as a fashion influencer, philanthropist, and the wife of Steve Harvey.


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In conclusion, Marjorie Harvey’s life as a mother and her role in her blended family provide a unique insight into her personal values and her approach to parenting. Through love, support, and guidance, she continues to create a nurturing environment for her children to flourish.

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