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Introduction to Marjorie Harvey and Her Family

As the wife of popular TV host Steve Harvey, Marjorie Harvey has embraced a very full family life. But before marrying Steve, she also had four kids of her own as a single mom. So how many children does Marjorie have in total?

How Many Biological Kids Does Marjorie Have?

In total, Marjorie Elaine Harvey has given birth to four children – three daughters and one son:

  • Morgan Harvey
  • Jason Harvey
  • Karli Harvey
  • Lori Harvey

Marjorie had all four kids with her first husband, Jim Townsend, during their marriage from 1980 until their 1994 divorce. After raising the children as a single mom for over a decade, Marjorie then began a new family chapter by marrying Steve Harvey in 2007.

Overview of Marjorie’s Children and Stepchildren

When Steve and Marjorie wed, they blended their two families together into one big bunch. This means Marjorie became stepmother to Steve’s four kids as well.

Here’s a quick look at all of Marjorie Harvey’s eight children – four biological and four through marriage:

Marjorie’s Biological Kids

  • Morgan Harvey (daughter)
  • Jason Harvey (son)
  • Karli Harvey (daughter)
  • Lori Harvey (daughter)

Steve Harvey’s Kids

  • Brandi Harvey (stepdaughter)
  • Broderick Harvey Jr. (stepson)
  • Karli Harvey (stepdaughter with same name as Marjorie’s kid)
  • Lori Harvey (stepdaughter with same name as Marjorie’s kid)

That totals up to one big happy family with seven children for the Harveys! Marjorie and Steve have definitely embraced their full house.

What College Did Marjorie Harvey Attend?

Information is limited on Marjorie’s educational background. While the colleges she or even her four biological children attended haven’t been publicly confirmed, Marjorie is clearly an educated and savvy business woman.

In interviews the Harveys have stated their family foundation provides scholarships for youth to attend school. So education is likely encouraged as part of their family values, even if specifics remain private.

Inside Marjorie and Steve Harvey’s Marriage

Marjorie and her popular husband Steve have been happily married for over 15 years now. And their blended family seems to genuinely enjoy their time together.

Fun facts about the Harveys’ marriage and family:

  • Marjorie and Steve met in 1990 but didn’t marry until over 15 years later in 2007.
  • The couple renovated Steve’s old home into their custom marital residence.
  • Majorie and Steve renew their vows every year on their June wedding anniversary.
  • Steve credits Marjorie with helping him become a better husband compared to his two previous marriages.

With strong organization and spiritual principles, Marjorie does an excellent job balancing such a large blended family. Her wisdom and grace helps make it all flow smoothly even under public scrutiny.

5 FAQs About Marjorie Harvey and Her Kids

How many baby daddies does Marjorie have?

  • Marjorie Harvey has one baby daddy – her ex-husband Jim Townsend who fathered all four of her biological children prior to her current marriage to Steve.

Does Marjorie Harvey have a daughter named Lori?

  • Yes, Marjorie’s youngest biological daughter is named Lori Harvey, who works as a model and influencer. Stepdaughter Lori is Steve Harvey’s biological daughter from one of his previous marriages.

Are Steve Harvey’s wife’s kids famous?

  • Yes, several have gained notoriety including stepdaughter Lori Harvey who models and dates famous men. Marjorie’s son Jason is a celebrity chef as well.

Who is older – Steve or Marjorie?

  • Steve is older than wife Marjorie by about 14 years. She was born in 1974 while Steve was born in 1957.

Is Marjorie related to Steve Harvey’s first wife?

  • No, Marjorie is not believed to be related to Steve Harvey’s two previous wives. Research uncovered no family ties between them.

With grace and maturity, Marjorie Harvey continues balancing her loving marriage to Steve with caring for their giant blended brood. And everyone seems to be thriving in the process thanks to Marjorie’s devotion as a mother and wife.

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