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Lisa Marie Presley, the only daughter of iconic musician Elvis Presley, has four children. Her first child, daughter Riley Keough, was born in 1989 when Presley herself was only 20 years old. Her second child, son Benjamin Keough, was born in 1992. After her marriage to guitarist Michael Lockwood, Presley gave birth to twin daughters Harper and Finley in 2008.

So in total, Lisa Marie Presley has:

  • Daughter Riley Keough (born 1989)
  • Son Benjamin Keough (born 1992)
  • Daughter Harper Lockwood (born 2008)
  • Daughter Finley Lockwood (born 2008)

Sadly, her son Benjamin died by suicide in 2020 at age 27 after struggling with his mental health and drug addiction.

After decades living in Los Angeles near the Church of Scientology, Lisa Marie Presley now makes her home in the Los Angeles area where Harper and Finley attend school. She focuses on giving them a stable life after a history plagued by drugs, failed relationships, and devastating losses.

Early Life and Marriage to Danny Keough

Lisa Marie grew up under immense pressure as the only heir to her father Elvis, an American music and cultural icon. She was raised in Los Angeles, though she lived with her mother Priscilla in Memphis, Tennessee, for periods during her childhood after her parents split. She attended Scientology schools while her mother remained an active member of the controversial Church of Scientology.

As a teenager and young adult, Lisa Marie rebelled and got heavily involved with drugs. At age 20 in 1988, she married musician Danny Keough in Florida. He shared her interest in Scientology at the time. Only a year later in 1989, the young couple had their first child, daughter Riley Keough. Riley would later become an actress and a model. At just 21 years old, Presley then had son Benjamin Keough with Danny Keough in 1992. Their marriage ended in 1994 after six years.

Marriages to Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage

In 1994, not long after her divorce from Danny Keough was finalized, Presley shocked the world by marrying superstar Michael Jackson in the Dominican Republic. Their unusual romance brought massive media attention including speculation that the marriage was a publicity stunt.

The marriage seemed troubled from the start, especially over disagreements about having children. Presley claimed she got injections to improve her fertility on Jackson’s request, influencing her to later have a tubal ligation sterilization procedure. She also reportedly struggled to help Jackson confront his addiction issues. Less than two years later in early 1996, Presley filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences.

Only two years after her contentious split from Jackson, Lisa Marie had another celebrity marriage with actor Nicolas Cage. Their relationship moved quickly, getting married in summer 2002 in Hawaii. The marriage lasted a mere four months before Cage filed for divorce. The short-lived marriage resulted in messy divorce proceedings over the next few years.

Marriage and Twins with Michael Lockwood

Lisa Marie Presley met musician and producer Michael Lockwood in early 2005. Though she had said she would not marry again, Lockwood was persistent and swept her off her feet. They married in Japan in 2006. By this time, daughter Riley was pursuing modeling and acting, while son Benjamin was a teenager still living in California near his mom and sister.

In 2008 at age 40, Lisa Marie had another joyous milestone in her tumultuous life – giving birth to fraternal twin girls Harper and Finley with husband Michael Lockwood. Their distinctive names surely invoked the twin’s famous lineage.

Sadly, Lisa Marie’s marriage with Lockwood also ended in divorce a decade later. After an ugly custody battle over the twins, Presley retained primary custody with the girls living with her.

Tragically in 2020, Lisa Marie’s son Benjamin died by suicide at age 27. This followed years where he struggled with drugs, depression and failing to step out of his grandfather Elvis’s shadow. In a heart wrenching essay, his grieving mother opened up about her regret over not being able to save her son from addiction demons as she had battled herself. Amidst profound grief, she finds purpose moving forward in advocating for mental health and addiction treatment.

Protecting Her Twins After Family Tragedies

Now age 54, Lisa Marie Presley is focused on protecting twins Harper and Finley, providing them stability in the Los Angeles area with their private schooling. After the traumatic loss of their older brother Benjamin, the 14 year-old girls became Lisa Marie’s only remaining children. According to their mother, the twins both exhibit musical talent like their legendary grandfather.

The family still grieves Benjamin, who had a striking resemblance to Elvis. Lisa Marie got a tattoo reading “Benjamin Storm” to eternally honor her late son. She hopes to guide almost-grown daughter Riley and young twins Harper and Finley to live better lives than what hardship she has endured.

Key Facts About Lisa Marie Presley’s Children

  • 4 total children: Riley, Benjamin (died in 2020), Harper and Finley
  • First child Riley was born when Lisa Marie Presley was 20 years old
  • Had twin daughters Harper and Finley at age 40 with ex-husband Michael Lockwood
  • Currently focused on raising & protecting 14 year-old twins Harper and Finley

Frequently Asked Questions About Lisa Marie Presley’s Motherhood

Here are answers to some common questions about Lisa Marie Presley’s children and family:

How old was Lisa Marie Presley when she had her first child?

Lisa Marie Presley gave birth to daughter Riley Keough in 1989 when she was only 20 years old. The father was Danny Keough, her first husband.

What happened to her son Benjamin Keough?

Her son Benjamin tragically died by suicide in July 2020 at age 27, after struggling with depression and drug addiction. His mother Lisa Marie was devastated over losing her second-born child.

Who is the father of the twins Harper and Finley?

Lisa Marie Presley had twin daughters Harper and Finley in 2008 with her fourth husband, musician Michael Lockwood. She was 40 years old. Their contentious divorce and custody battle concluded in 2021.

Where does Lisa Marie Presley live with her twins?

Lisa Marie Presley and her 14 year-old twin daughters Harper and Finley Lockwood currently live in the Los Angeles, California area. The girls attend private school focused on arts and music.

Is Riley Keough an actress or singer?

Lisa Marie’s oldest daughter, Riley Keough, pursued a career as an actress and model rather than following her mother and grandfather’s musical talents. She had roles in Mad Max: Fury Road, Logan Lucky, Magic Mike, and the TV series The Girlfriend Experience.

The post covers how singer Lisa Marie Presley has four children – Riley, late son Benjamin, and twins Harper and Finley – from her various celebrity marriages over her turbulent life.

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