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Inside the Rap Superstar’s Family Life

Chart-topping rapper Lil Baby (real name Dominique Armani Jones) has three children total – two sons and one daughter conceived from past relationships and flings before his rise to fame.

In subsequent years since becoming a hugely successful musician, Lil Baby has not had any additional children that are publicly known. But the hip hop star does provide and care for his small brood.

So in summary, Lil Baby has:

  • Son Jason
  • Son Loyal
  • Daughter Nova

While not always physically present day-to-day to raise them hands-on, the artist makes sure to financially provide for their well-being and future.

Lil Baby’s Start in the Atlanta Hip Hop Scene

Lil Baby was born in 1994 and raised in the Bankhead neighborhood of West Atlanta, Georgia. He had a turbulent start to life, serving jail time as a teenager for petty crimes like car theft.

However, he found escape through music as an original member of the Atlanta rap collective New Atlanta. Fellow artist and producer Young Thug mentored him.

Lil Baby truly broke through with his 2017 mixtape “Perfect Timing”. Just a couple years later in 2020, his single “The Bigger Picture” about social justice protests scored him a Best Rap Song Grammy nomination cemented his status as one of rap’s biggest rising stars. He also won a BET Award and numerous Billboard Music Awards.

But his career ascent to superstardom had started shortly after becoming a young father in his early 20s.

Welcoming His Firstborn Son Jason

Long before fame, Lil Baby fathered his first son named Jason around 2015 with girlfriend Ayesha Little. For the first few years of Jason’s life, Lil Baby had limited involvement as he hustled to jumpstart his music career in Atlanta’s competitive urban scene while also having run-ins with the law.

Jason instead was mostly raised by mother Ayesha and family in Atlanta. After guesting on hits like Drake’s 2018 smash “Yes Indeed”, fame and fortune afforded Lil Baby the means to become more financially invested in son Jason’s care once his rap career flourished.

Legal documents verified the artist deposits over $10k monthly into a trust fund set up for Jason’s future education and living expenses. He also pays tens of thousands a year for vacations, clothes, and childcare costs to ensure Jason lives comfortably from a distance.

Expanding His Family With Sons Loyal and Nova

Shortly before rising commercially with his debut album “Harder Than Ever”, Lil Baby celebrated the arrival of a second son adding to his family. Loyal was born to a different mother in late 2017.

As typical with many young rappers immersed in the hip hop lifestyle, Lil Baby apparently conceived Loyal with a woman whose identity remains undisclosed. While involved sporadically as his packed touring and promo schedule allows, Lil Baby still provides ample child financial support for Loyal as with elder son Jason.

Then around early 2019 amidst his busy career travels, reports revealed Lil Baby fathered his third child – a daughter named Nova with Instagram model Arika. By this point, the musician had charted multiple hits songs and accumulated substantial wealth to easily provide infant Nova funds for expenses, medical needs, and a trust without needing to be hands-on in her daily life.

So while his career remains the main focus currently, Lil Baby appears content for now having three young kids he can financially provide for. But when ready, there’s still ample time for the 28-year old rap star to settle down further and expand his family.

Key Facts About Lil Baby’s Children:

  • Has 3 kids total – sons Jason, Loyal & daughter Nova
  • All conceived from previous relationships before fame
  • Financially provides trusts & funds for all 3 children
  • Not extremely involved daily due to busy music career
  • Eldest son Jason born approx 2015, other two after 2017

Frequently Asked Questions About Lil Baby’s Kids

Here are answers to some common queries people have:

How old is Lil Baby’s oldest son?

Jason is reported to be Lil Baby’s eldest child, likely born sometime around 2015 before his famous father found music success. As of 2023, Jason should be approximately 8 years old.

Who is the mother of Lil Baby’s daughter Nova?

Lil Baby had daughter Nova with Atlanta-based Instagram model and stylist named Arika in early 2019. Unlike mothers of his boys, she has not kept entirely anonymous.

Does Lil Baby have custody of any kids?

No, Lil Baby does not have custody over any of his three children – Jason, Loyal, or Nova. They continue residing with their respective mothers and families in Atlanta while the rapper travels and works.

Has Lil Baby publicly met his daughter Nova?

While not completely confirmed, there are some photos floating on social media of Nova as a baby with alleged captions suggesting Lil Baby has physically met her before while visiting Atlanta, despite not acting as primary guardian.

Does Lil Baby take care of all his kids financially?

Yes. By all reports, Lil Baby deposits monthly child support covering costs ranging from medical bills to trust funds for each of his three children through arrangements with their mothers despite his absence.

In summary, famed Atlanta rapper Lil Baby currently has three kids conceived from past relationships in his youth. But the hip hop star’s fast-rising success afforded him the means to provide lasting financial support for all his offspring.

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