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Kurt Warner is one of the greatest underdog stories in NFL history. The undrafted quarterback went on to win two NFL MVP awards and lead the St. Louis Rams to a thrilling Super Bowl victory. However, off the field, he lives a much quieter personal life focused on family and philanthropy. So just how many kids does Kurt Warner have?

Kurt Warner Has 7 Children

Kurt Warner has a total of 7 biological and adopted children with his wife Brenda, whom he married in 1997:

  • Jesse (biological son, born 1995)
  • Kade (adopted in 1998)
  • Jada (adopted in 1998)
  • Elijah (biological son, born 2005)
  • Sienna (biological daughter, born 2008)
  • Sierra (biological daughter, born 2008)
  • Sophia (biological daughter, born 2010)

The family lives together in Arizona, where Warner played for the Cardinals and now gives back to the community through his First Things First Foundation.

Kurt’s Path to Fatherhood

Long before his successes in the NFL, Kurt Warner struggled to make ends meet stocking shelves at a grocery store. While he had dreams of playing in the NFL, starting a family was Kurt’s top priority early on.

At just 22 years old while attending the University of Northern Iowa, Kurt became a father for the first time. His then-girlfriend gave birth to his first child Jesse in 1995. Though the relationship didn’t last, Warner remained dedicated to raising his infant son.

After finishing college and failing to catch on with any NFL teams, Warner took on jobs coaching and working at a grocery store to provide for Jesse. It was in those difficult early years that Kurt met his now-wife Brenda, who already had two children of her own – Kade and Jada.

Blended Family

Despite both coming from previous relationships and the financial difficulties they faced, Kurt Warner knew he had found his soulmate in Brenda. They married in 1997, blending their families and committing to raise Brenda’s son Kade and daughter Jada together.

Though times were tough with Kurt scraping by on an AFL salary, they soon caught an amazing break. In 1999, Warner was thrust into the starting QB role for the Rams. His incredible performance led to two NFL MVP awards, a storybook Super Bowl win, and a long, successful NFL career.

With financial security, Kurt and Brenda expanded their family even more. They had two sons together – Elijah and Noah. Tragically Noah passed away from a childhood illness at just nine months old in 2007. But the couple persevered through hardship and went on to adopt three daughters – twin sisters Sienna and Sierra in 2008, followed by Sophia in 2010.

Today, Warner is retired from football and enjoying the family and faith-driven life he dreamed of as a young father back in college struggling to get by.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kurt Warner’s Family:

Here are some common FAQs regarding Kurt Warner’s personal life:

How old was Kurt Warner when he had his first kid?

Kurt was 22 and still in college when his first biological son Jesse was born in 1995.

What college did Kurt Warner attend?

Warner played college football at the University of Northern Iowa from 1993-1994 after transferring from University of Iowa.

Where did Kurt Warner meet his wife Brenda?

Kurt and Brenda met in 1992 at a country bar where Brenda worked while Kurt was in college. Brenda already had two young children at the time.

Does Kurt Warner have biological kids with Brenda?

Yes, Kurt went on to have four biological children with wife Brenda after marrying in 1997 – sons Elijah and Noah (deceased), and daughters Sienna, Sierra, and Sophia.

What NFL team does Kurt Warner own?

In 2010, Warner became a part-owner of the Arizona Rattlers of the Indoor Football League. He played with the Arizona Cardinals from 2005-2009.


After overcoming extreme hardships on his unlikely path to NFL stardom, Kurt Warner has lived an equally impressive off-field life centered around faith and family. He and wife Brenda have raised seven children – a beautiful blend of biological kids and adopted kids. And today their family remains the cornerstone of Warner’s fruitful post-playing career dedicated to philanthropy.

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