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NBA legend, Kobe Bryant, not only left an indelible mark on the basketball court but also played a significant role as a father. This article focuses on Kobe Bryant’s family life, answering the question – how many kids does Kobe Bryant have?

Kobe Bryant: A Loving Father

Beyond his accomplishments on the court, Kobe Bryant was a dedicated father to four children.

The Mamba Family

Kobe Bryant and his wife, Vanessa Laine Bryant, were parents to four daughters: Natalia Diamante (born 2003), Gianna Maria-Onore (2006-2020), Bianka Bella (born 2016), and Capri Kobe (born 2019).


Kobe Bryant’s legacy extends beyond his career as one of the most accomplished NBA players. He is remembered as a loving father to his four daughters, playing an integral role in shaping their lives.


1. How many kids does Kobe Bryant have?

Kobe Bryant had four children, all daughters.

2. What are the names of Kobe Bryant’s children?

Kobe Bryant’s children are Natalia Diamante, Gianna Maria-Onore, Bianka Bella, and Capri Kobe.

3. Who is the mother of Kobe Bryant’s children?

The mother of Kobe Bryant’s children is Vanessa Laine Bryant.

4. When were Kobe Bryant’s children born?

Natalia Diamante was born in 2003, Gianna Maria-Onore in 2006, Bianka Bella in 2016, and Capri Kobe in 2019.

5. Who is the eldest among Kobe Bryant’s children?

Natalia Diamante Bryant is the eldest of Kobe Bryant’s children.

6. Who is the youngest among Kobe Bryant’s children?

Capri Kobe Bryant is the youngest of Kobe Bryant’s children.

7. Is Kobe Bryant still alive?

No, Kobe Bryant passed away in a tragic helicopter crash on January 26, 2020.

8. Where can I find more information about Kobe Bryant’s family?

More information about Kobe Bryant’s family can be found on his Wikipedia┬ápage.

9. Did Kobe Bryant share pictures of his children on social media?

Yes, Kobe Bryant often shared pictures of his children and family on his social media accounts.

10. What did Kobe Bryant say about being a father?

Kobe Bryant expressed many times that being a father was one of the most important roles in his life and took great joy in raising his daughters.

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