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Introduction to King Von’s Bold Rap Career

Emerging from a troubled Chicago upbringing surrounded by violence and street life, Dayvon Daquan Bennett – known professionally as “King Von” – channeled his past and experiences into a promising rap career launched from prison before tragedy cut his potential short in 2020 at just 26 years old.

When not chronicling life in his gritty hometown on breakout tracks like “Crazy Story”, King Von embraced his most important role off record – being a devoted father to baby daughter Kayla despite the odds against him.

Father to One Child Named Kayla

By all accounts, Chicago-born hip hop talent King Von had one young daughter before his senseless 2020 murder derived from past feuds – a little girl named Kayla who meant the entire world to him.

Information on Kayla’s mother or specifics of Von’s relationship with her before his passing remain scarce for privacy. But the rising artist made clear through music and social media that providing for Kayla motivated him past street distractions.

Vowed to Break Family Cycles

Born into difficult circumstances including time incarcerated, King Von was determined not to let Kayla struggle how he had coming up.

“Done been through so much in my life, but I ain’t never quit,” Von told an interviewer just months before his death. “I’m trying to put my family in better positions where I ain’t gotta worry ’bout nothing. Make sure all our dreams come true.”

The rapper brought Kayla to award shows, proudly showed her off frequently on his Instagram feed, and rapped often about being focused thanks to fatherhood’s responsibilities.

Life Cut Short But Legacy Lives Through Music and Kayla

While his goals of raising Kayla beyond Chicago’s violence were devastatingly cut short, King Von’s musical imprint promising crossover appeal grows bigger each year since passing. His estate has released multiple posthumous singles and verses to keep momentum alive.

And his P.T.S.D album title and song lyrics make clear his top motivation – providing a better life for daughter Kayla – continues inspiring supporters to toast the talented young artist gone too soon while making sure his baby girl wants for nothing financial in his absence. Even in death as in life, beloved King Von remains Kayla’s guardian angel.


For a creative force who poured the trauma and triumphs of his Chicago upbringing into promising hip hop redemption like King Von before being killed at 26, the chance to raise his beloved daughter Kayla beyond past cycles of danger represented life’s highest purpose.

While his death leaves painful “what ifs” about potential stardom, Kayla remains King Von’s living legacy – the driver for crossing over that keeps his memory alive in music and mutual love. Rappers come and go, but the resonance of Von’s protective and proud fatherly intentions will echo everywhere Kayla goes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is King Von’s daughter’s name?

A: Von’s only living confirmed child is a daughter named Kayla, likely age range 1-5 years old as of 2023.

Q: Who has custody of King Von’s daughter now?

A: Information is scarce but it’s assumed Kayla’s mother has sole custody. She and Kayla receive financial support from King Von’s estate.

Q: How old was King Von when Kayla was born?

A: Von himself was likely in the age range of 21-25 when Kayla was born based on his age at the time of death in November 2020.

Q: Did King Von remain involved in Kayla’s life?

A: Yes, by all documented accounts, Von was an extremely proud, loving and involved father to baby Kayla right up until he passed.

Q: Where did Kayla live with her mother?

A: While details are private, they mostly lived in Chicago near Von. But likely relocated after his passing for safety/well-being based on Von’s wishes.

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