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Louisiana rapper Kevin Gates has made waves in the hip hop world with his raw southern sound since emerging in 2013. Hard-hitting tracks like “Really Really,” “2 Phones,” and “Big Gangsta” helped him break into the mainstream. However, Kevin actually leads a relatively lowkey life centered around his big family offstage. So exactly how many kids does prominent rapper Kevin Gates have?

Kevin Gates Has 4 Biological Children

Kevin Gates has fathered four biological children so far – three daughters named Islah, Khaza, and Aries, as well as a son named Hendrixx. He welcomed all of his biological kids with now-wife Dreka Gates between 2009 and 2016 before the couple officially married in 2015.

In addition to his own four children though, Gates is also stepfather to Dreka’s three kids from previous relationships. So his blended family includes seven children total!

Longtime Love with Wife Dreka

Kevin and Dreka’s love story spans well over a decade. They first met when the aspiring rapper started dating Dreka’s childhood best friend in Baton Rouge in the early 2000s. However, Gates claims it was basically love at first sight when he laid eyes on Dreka in the hallway of her friend’s apartment.

Over 10 years later, the smitten couple rebuilt an unexpected connection. After pursuing Dreka relentlessly, she finally gave Kevin a real chance. The two quickly became inseparable and started their family together between 2009 and 2016, even before officially tying the knot.

Now with so many beloved babies between them, Kevin calls Dreka “my best friend through all the ups and downs.” It’s clear family is priority number one these days behind the music fame.

Embracing Stepfatherhood Too

In addition to having four mutual children with the love of his life, Kevin has also openly embraced a stepfather role with Dreka’s three kids from previous relationships – two sons named Armando and Aaron, and a daughter named Aries.

Gates is proud to consider all seven as simply his children, seeing no difference between biological and step kids. He even has portrait tattoos representing each child. Kevin shares:

Just because a child isn’t biologically yours doesn’t mean you’re not supposed to be there for that child.

So while building an iconic rap catalog, Kevin Gates puts parenting his big blended family at the center of his life, leading with love and patience for all seven kids alike.


Behind the gold chains and gritty street tales lies devoted family man Kevin Gates who puts his seven children first and foremost. Through a storybook romance and successful musical partnership with childhood sweetheart Dreka, Gates has embraced four biological children and three stepkids as his own. And the proud patriarch continues putting in the fatherhood work 24/7 despite his growing fame.

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