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Kelly Khumalo is an acclaimed South African singer, songwriter, and reality television star. She has been a major figure in South Africa’s entertainment scene for over a decade with multiple hit songs and albums. But away from the spotlight, audience members often wonder – how many children does Kelly Khumalo have?

Khumalo has two children from past relationships who mean the world to her. Being a mother completely changed her life and gives her purpose and joy. Keep reading to learn all about Kelly Khumalo’s adorable family!

Brief Background on Kelly Khumalo’s Music Career

Kelly Khumalo, born in 1984 in Soweto, showed talent for singing from a young age. Her debut album TKO was released in 2006, instantly making her a star in South Africa.

Some of Khumalo’s most popular songs include “Qinisela”, “Jive”, “Do It”, and “Congratulate”. She has won multiple South African Music Awards.

In addition to several studio albums, Khumalo appeared on reality shows like Life With Kelly Khumalo and Becoming. She has been both praised and criticized for her outspoken persona.

Khumalo’s Past Relationships

Throughout her time in the spotlight, Kelly Khumalo has been open about her romantic relationships. She has two children by two celebrity fathers.

From 2007 to 2009, Khumalo dated hip hop star Jub Jub. The two had a rocky relationship that ended after Jub Jub cheated on Kelly.

Khumalo also had a three year romance with South African soccer player Senzo Meyiwa until his tragic murder in 2014. The case surrounding Meyiwa’s death remains open.

Kelly Khumalo’s Children

So exactly how many babies does songstress Kelly Khumalo have? Khumalo is a proud mom to a son and a daughter:

1. Christian

Kelly’s first child is her son Christian, born in 2009. His father is hip hop artist Jub Jub, Khumalo’s boyfriend at the time. Christian was born when Kelly was 25 years old. He is now a teenager.

2. Thingo

In 2016 Khumalo gave birth to her second child Thingo, a daughter. Thingo’s father is the late footballer Senzo Meyiwa. She was born when Kelly was 32. Thingo is now around 7 years old.

So in total, Kelly Khumalo has two children – one boy and one girl. She co-parents with the fathers even after the relationships ended.

Kelly Khumalo’s Life as a Single Mom

Kelly Khumalo is a single mother and the main provider for both her children. She has been open about the realities of parenting alone.

Though not always easy, Khumalo credits Christian and Thingo with changing her life for the better. She raises them to be respectful, studious, and humble.

Khumalo’s social media shows her immense pride in her kids. She is truly devoted to giving them the best possible life.

Keeping Her Kids Out of the Spotlight

As someone who grew up in the public eye herself, Kelly Khumalo now tries to keep her children somewhat out of the spotlight.

She wants them to have normal childhoods and make their own choices. Khumalo only shares select family photos and stories with fans.

Still, Khumalo hopes both her son and daughter may share her love of music and performance as they get older.


In summary, South African singer and media star Kelly Khumalo has two children – a son named Christian born in 2009 and daughter Thingo born in 2016. She parents her kids as a single mom.

Though busy with her entertainment career, Khumalo’s proudest role is being a loving mother. She works hard to provide Christian and Thingo with a joyful, stable home life despite any past relationship challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kelly Khumalo’s Kids

How many biological children does Kelly Khumalo have?

Khumalo has two biological children – a son and daughter.

What are the names and ages of her kids?

Her son Christian is around 13 years old and daughter Thingo is approximately 7 years old.

Who are the fathers of Kelly’s children?

Son Christian’s dad is Jub Jub and daughter Thingo’s father is the late Senzo Meyiwa.

Does Kelly Khumalo have full custody?

Yes, Khumalo raises both kids as a single mother.

Where does Kelly live with her family?

They reside together in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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