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The Star’s Growing Family

Popular Indian film and television actor Karanvir Bohra has three children with his wife Teejay Sidhu. The couple have twin daughters Bella and Vienna, born in October 2016, as well as a third daughter Gia Vanessa Snow, born in December 2020.

So in summary, Karanvir Bohra has:

  • Twin daughters Bella and Vienna (born 2016)
  • Daughter Gia Vanessa Snow (born 2020)

Karanvir takes great joy in being a hands-on father, with his kids frequently featured in his and Teejay’s social media. The family splits their time between India and Canada for work.

Early Acting Career

Karanvir Bohra, born in 1982 in Jodhpur, India, had his first major acting role as a lead in Ekta Kapoor’s production Just Mohabbat in 1999. He continued working steadily in Indian soaps and serials throughout the 2000s-2010s like Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Kasautii Zindagii Kay, and Naagin.

Bohra also hosted reality shows like India’s Best Dramamebaaz. He participated as a contestant in the 12th season of hit show Bigg Boss in 2018, finishing in 5th place.

In addition to Indian productions, Bohra had small roles in American shows like Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure and a guest arc playing twin brothers in The Quest.

Meeting Wife Teejay Sidhu

In 2006 during his acting career rise, Karanvir crossed paths with Chandigarh-born model, VJ and actress Teejay Sidhu at a fashion awards show they both attended. Despite living on opposite sides of the country pursuing Mumbai and Toronto entertainment careers respectively, romance sparked immediately. After a long distance courtship, Bohra proposed marriage in 2009.

The couple had a grand multi-day wedding celebration in Mumbai in 2006 attended by friends, colleagues and family. Gatherings included traditional Punjabi and Bengali pre-wedding events.

Their nuptials blended their families, as both Bohra and Sidhu come from multiple generations working in Indian cinema and television. Teejay’s mother Uma Sidhu is a prominent Indian journalist & astrology columnist.

Expanding Their Family

By 2016, Bohra and Sidhu were ready to grow their family. Sidhu gave birth to identical twin daughters Bella Leonice Bohemia and Vienna Leonice Bohemia in October 2016 with Karanvir ecstatically supporting in the delivery room. As their whimsical middle names suggest, the babies have dual Indian and Canadian citizenship like their parents.

In December 2020, Bella and Vienna gained a little sister when Gia Vanessa Snow Bohemia was born, rounded out a happy trio for the Bohra-Sidhu family.

Both Karanvir and Teejay adoringly showcase their darling three daughters on social media and in interviews. Photos capture Bohra attentively feeding, playing, and parenting the girls as a loving hands-on father whether at home in India or travels abroad. It brings him great joy and purpose during breaks filming.

Though busy with three children under six years old currently, the couple remain open to potentially having one more baby in the future. But for now their focus is on nurturing little Bella, Vienna and Gia’s growth amidst their own thriving entertainment careers and philanthropic efforts.

Quick Facts on Karanvir Bohra’s Kids

  • Married wife Teejay Sidhu in 2006
  • Had twin daughters Bella & Vienna in October 2016
  • Youngest daughter Gia born December 2020
  • Actively parents all 3 girls as hands-on father
  • Twins hold Canadian-Indian dual citizenship
  • Family splits time between Mumbai and Vancouver

Frequently Asked Questions About Karanvir Bohra’s Family

Here are answers to some common queries people have:

What are names of Karanvir Bohra’s twin daughters?

Karanvir’s twin daughters born in October 2016 are named Bella Leonice Bohemia Bohra and Vienna Leonice Bohemia Bohra.

How many children does Karanvir Bohra have total?

As of 2023, Karanvir Bohra has three children with wife Teejay Sidhu – the twin girls Bella & Vienna plus youngest daughter Gia born in 2020.

Where do Karanvir Bohra’s kids live?

The family divides their time between residences in Mumbai, India and Vancouver, Canada for Karanvir & Teejay’s acting/hosting opportunities while raising all three kids.

Will Karanvir Bohra have more children?

Perhaps! Both Karanvir and Teejay remain open to having one more baby after getting daughter Gia to age two, though they have their hands full with three little girls under seven years old currently.

Does Karanvir’s wife Teejay Sidhu also act?

Yes, Teejay Sidhu was a model, actress and VJ in India before marrying Karanvir. She continues taking occasional acting roles while focusing more on parenting, writing, hosting and blogging.

In summary, popular Indian actor Karanvir Bohra has three young daughters with wife Teejay Sidhu – twins Bella & Vienna and their little sister Gia – who keep the family joyfully busy.

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