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Introduction to Kailyn Lowry’s Large Family

Reality TV personality Kailyn “Kail” Lowry first gained fame on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant before becoming one of the network’s longstanding stars for over a decade on Teen Mom 2. Her story resonated with fans as cameras followed her pregnancy journey as a youth growing up amid difficult family dynamics.

Now entering her 30’s while still airing on MTV programming, Kailyn’s household expanded rapidly once again in recent years as she experienced three more unplanned pregnancies. Today, Lowry balances life as a busy single mom of four active sons born from various relationships covered on and off on the popular Teen Mom franchise.

So exactly how many sons make up Kailyn Lowry’s big brood? Read on as we meet her growing gang of boys!

Isaac Elliot Rivera: Kailyn’s Oldest Son

Kailyn Lowry’s eldest child Isaac Elliot Rivera was born January 18, 2010. His father is Kailyn’s ex-boyfriend Jonathan “Jo” Rivera, with whom her contentious relationship played out dramatically in Teen Mom 2’s early seasons.

After splitting permanently from Jo soon after Isaac’s birth, Kailyn pursued a lengthy custody battle to provide their son a stable co-parenting dynamic that remains intact today. Photos on Kailyn’s social media show Isaac maintains a close bond with both parents, along with Jo’s wife Vee. Now a rising teenager at age 13, Isaac also gets plenty of hands on care from Kailyn’s live-in friend Mark assisting with the younger kids.

Lincoln Marshall Marroquin: Kailyn’s Second Son

Two years after first son Isaac arrived, Kailyn Lowry brought another baby boy into the world on November 16, 2013. Lincoln Marshall Marroquin’s father is Kailyn’s fellow Teen Mom 2 co-star Javi Marroquin, whom she married soon after dating.

But that turbulent relationship soon dissolved after Kailyn’s devastating miscarriage of a third baby they’d planned to have together. Both parents moved on to new love interests, though cordially co-parent their cheerful son Lincoln together at age 9 now.

Lux Russell Lowry: Kailyn’s Third Son Arrives

In late summer 2017, Kailyn Lowry shocked fans announcing a third pregnancy despite claiming she was done having kids after Lincoln. Baby boy Lux Russell Lowry entered the world on August 5, 2017 weighing over 8 lbs.

His father was a close friend Kailyn briefly dated named Chris Lopez. But unlike her prior co-parent relationships, Kailyn and Chris struggled to get on the same page regarding custody and care for young Lux. Their disagreements around Lux remain a central story thread during recent seasons of Teen Mom 2.

Regardless, cheeky boy Lux thrived under Kailyn’s devoted care growing fast alongside his older brothers. He celebrated turning age 6 this year along with big brother Lincoln around Thanksgiving when they were born just days apart.

Creed Romello Lowry: Kailyn’s Fourth Son Surprises Her

Clearly not one for permanent birth control methods, Kailyn Lowry stunned her fanbase announcing a fourth conception soon after a brief reconciliation with on-again-off-again beau Chris Lopez in late 2019. Their second son together, sweet baby boy Creed Romello Lowry, arrived July 30, 2020 weighing 8 lbs, 15 oz.

His distinctive name pays homage to boxing legend Creed Bratton, hinting Lowry’s littlest guy might grow up sporty like dad Chris’ athletic pursuits. While the two parents still clash over parenting issues, easygoing Creed adapts easily beloved by his three doting big brothers playing protective guardians to their baby bro under Kailyn’s bustling roof.

So in Total Kailyn Lowry Has 4 Sons

To quickly recap, through a mix of short-term relationships and unplanned pregnancies covered across MTV’s programming, teen mom turned reality star Kailyn Lowry is now the busy mother of four boys:

  • Isaac Elliot Rivera, born January 18, 2010
  • Lincoln Marshall Marroquin, born November 16, 2013
  • Lux Russell Lowry, born August 5, 2017
  • Creed Romello Lowry, born July 30, 2020

While admittedly more sons than Kailyn envisioned for herself originally, her candid chronicles tackling parenting four rambunctious boys by early 30 resonates with fans. Off-screen, she pours her wit and wisdom into successful side hustles like her Coffee Convos podcast and haircare brand Pothead.

Does Kailyn Lowry Plan to Have More Kids?

With four sons spanning from early childhood to preteen years already under her roof as a devoted single mom, Kailyn has emphatically stated her childbearing days are done.

During a late 2022 Instagram Q&A, Kailyn said: “Absolutely, positively NOT having any more children!” when quizzed about adding more to her family.

Focusing her drive now on raising her sons to be healthy, responsible men, Kail still holds out hope for finding a committed relationship someday herself. But no more babies seem imminent for the prolific mom of four!

Frequently Asked Questions About Kailyn Lowry’s Kids and Life Today

Here some some additional FAQs surrounding Kailyn’s unique journey into teen pregnancy and motherhood:

Does Kailyn have sole or joint custody arrangements with her kids’ dads?

Kailyn has varying setups, with joint 50/50 custody legally established with eldest son Isaac’s father Jo Rivera. Custody battles around her two sons with Chris Lopez remain more complex and heated on recent Teen Mom 2 seasons.

What does Kailyn do for a living besides MTV show income?

A budding entrepreneur, Kailyn owns haircare line Pothead and hosts two podcasts – Coffee Convos and Barely Famous. She also earns from promotional deals and tours as an influencer thanks to her steady fanbase.

Is Kailyn Lowry’s home life chaotic with four kids?

While admittedly loud, Kailyn utilizes help from assistants and strict schedules to wrangle her kids’ energies. Her podcast often touches on the organized chaos that comes with her big family and solo parenting.

Does Kailyn utilize nannies or other childcare help?

Yes, Kailyn does hire assistants she calls “mannies” to help transport and supervise her kids. She also gets regular babysitting help from her nearby friend network and family members.

Has Kailyn Lowry ruled out having more kids via surrogacy someday?

Though she jokes “never say never”, Kailyn has shared she’s done birthing biological kids herself for health reasons. If she did want more children someday, she might consider adoption or surrogacy but feels fulfilled with her 4 sons for now.

So while Teen Mom’s Kailyn Lowry may contend with noisier days and busier nights than she envisioned thanks to four bubbly boys born in less than a decade – she focuses her drive and devotion to raising little men able to write their own resilient stories someday.

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