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Introduction to JJ Da Boss’ Racing Career

Jonathan Day, better known by his road name “JJ Da Boss”, first shot to national fame via the Discovery Channel hit reality series Street Outlaws: Memphis.

The show follows JJ and his fearless team of Memphis drivers as they rule the competitive underground racing scene every night across the Tennessee city and beyond.

But while JJ keeps busy customizing cars, making daring bets, and pushing speed limits on camera…he has another full-time gig keeping him on his toes – fatherhood! So exactly how many kids does JJ Da Boss have?

Father to 11 Kids Total

While JJ Da Boss comes off as a bit of a daredevil on screen alongside his Memphis racing crew, he’s had to tone things down off-camera over the years…because he’s a father of 11 kids!

Many fans are surprised to learn just how large the TV street racing icon’s personal family is. Across multiple past relationships and marriages, JJ has welcomed 11 children over the last three decades – ten biological kids and one adopted daughter.

Big Blended Family dynamic

Like many couples today, JJ Da Boss’ family is considered “blended” – meaning it includes kids from current wife Tricia Day’s past relationships also under one very big roof.

Tricia herself has three kids from before meeting JJ – sons Doughboy and Bobby, plus daughter Amber. Combined with JJ’s kids, that’s made for quite a full house over the years!

Kids Brought JJ Balance

In various interviews, JJ has spoken candidly about past run-ins with the law and stints behind bars paying dues back in his youth. But he credits his children – firstborn son Jonathan Jr. especially – with inspiring him to pursue legit racing careers and run a productive family business.

Da Boss and wife Tricia have made sure all their kids feel supported whether working at the Memphis shop with Dad or pursuing their own interests. And the couple even adopted Tricia’s nephew Josh and niece Kayla after their mother passed away – committed to keeping the family together through ups and downs.


While his daring driving keeps fans glued to Street Outlaws: Memphis every week, the bigger and more rewarding part of star JJ Da Boss’ real world is being Dad to 11 kids alongside wife Tricia.

They’ve blended two big families into one supportive household. And it’s clear JJ’s kids and being a present father has kept the reformed outlaw grounded in what matters most at the end of the day – making precious family memories off the racetrack.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is JJ Da Boss’ real full name?

A: His full name is Jonathan Day. The road name “JJ Da Boss” is his racing persona.

Q: How many baby mamas does JJ have kids with?

A: While not public record, JJ had kids with at least three different women before marrying current wife Tricia Day.

Q: How many kids does JJ’s wife Tricia have?

A: Tricia had three kids – two sons named Doughboy and Bobby, plus a daughter Amber – before marrying Da Boss.

Q: Does JJ Da Boss have custody of any grandkids?

A: Yes, JJ and Tricia adopted her niece and nephew Kayla and Josh after their mom died unexpectedly.

Q: What is JJ Da Boss’s main job?

A: When not filming, he runs a lucrative Memphis auto shop specializing in customs and repairs dubbed “Da Boss Garage.”

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