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Introduction to Jeff Dunham

Jeff Dunham is considered one of America’s most popular ventriloquists. He frequently headlines comedy tours and has performed everywhere from the Las Vegas strip to late night television with his wacky cast of puppet characters like crotchety Walter and the adorable Peanut.

But when not on stage, many fans wonder about Dunham’s home life. Most importantly – how many kids does celeb ventriloquist Jeff Dunham have?

Father to Three Daughters

In his personal life, Jeff Dunham has taken on one big role: fatherhood. He and wife Audrey Murdick are parents to three daughters ranging from teenagers down to a toddler. According to Dunham, being a dad is his proudest job despite decades entertaining audiences with his renown ventriloquism talents.

Names and Ages of Jeff Dunham’s Kids

Specifically, Dunham’s three kids with wife Audrey are:

  • Twin 16-year-old daughters: Ashlyn and Kenna
  • Youngest daughter: 4-year-old Bree Alyse

Read on for more about the Dunham family including how Jeff balances career and parenting.

Met Wife Audrey Murdick Young

Many are curious how one of America’s biggest touring stand-up comedians came to start a family. The story goes back over three decades. Dunham met Audrey Murdick while still in college back in 1986. According to the couple, it was love at first sight.

After courting for years between Jeff’s early comedy career commitments, they married in 1994. Nearly a decade later came another major milestone when twins Ashlyn and Kenna were born in 2003.

Youngest Daughter Bree 14 Years Later

Jeff and Audrey remained happily married for over a decade just as a twosome while parenting twin daughters Ashlyn and Kenna. Then in 2017, the couple decided to expand their family once more – welcoming a surprise pregnancy and baby #3 named Bree Alyse despite both parents being in their 50s.

According to Jeff, while having a baby later in life was unexpected, he considers little Bree just as much a blessing as her older sisters.

How Dunham Balances Fatherhood & Comedy

Challenges come trying to balance family time along with the demands of a busy stand-up comedy career that requires months of travel every year. But to his credit, Dunham makes fatherhood his top priority always.

His wife Audrey stays home in California full-time with their daughters while Dunham travels for work. And the kids frequently meet up with him in various tour locations when their home-school schedule allows for it.

Judging by interviews and social media, the Dunham household seems full of lots of laughter – the perfect environment for a family funnyman.


Jeff Dunham dominates stages as one of comedy’s most successful ventriloquists. But his proudest role in life is being a devoted father and husband to wife Audrey and their three daughters – twins Ashlyn & Kenna now 16 years old, plus youngest toddler Bree.

Balancing kids and his comedy career keeps Dunham busy. But he always makes sure to carve out time for bike rides, bedtime stories, and other special family moments on the road or at home. It seems when the stage lights turn off, being “Dad” is the comedian’s favorite job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the name of Jeff Dunham’s youngest kid?
A: His youngest daughter is named Bree Alyse. She was born in 2017 when Dunham was 55 years old.

Q: How old were Jeff Dunham’s daughters when he had his 3rd kid? A: Twin daughters Ashlyn and Kenna were 14 years old when their baby sister Bree was born.

Q: Where does Jeff Dunham’s family live? A: Dunham has a home base in Los Angeles, California with wife Audrey and their three daughters while not touring.

Q: What are all the names of Jeff Dunham’s kids? A: The names of his three daughters are Ashlyn, Kenna (age 16) and Bree Alyse (age 4).

Q: Is Jeff Dunham’s wife involved in his comedy career?
A: No, Audrey is a stay-at-home mom to their daughters. But she and the kids do join Dunham periodically while touring.

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