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Known for pioneering trap music in the early 2000s, Jeezy (legal name Jay Wayne Jenkins) has cultivated an iconic rap career including classic hits like “Soul Survivor,” “Put On,” and “My President.” While amassing plenty of fame and success in hip hop over the years, Jeezy has also embraced life offstage focused on parenting his children. So exactly how many kids does rap heavyweight Jeezy have?

Jeezy Has Three Kids

Jeezy has three children – two sons and one daughter:

  • His eldest son Jadarius was born in 2001 when Jeezy was around 24 years old.
  • In 2004, he then had a daughter named Shyheim.
  • A decade later in 2014, Jeezy welcomed his third child, son Jadarius.

While not always directly in the spotlight himself, Jeezy does not hide having multiple children across various past relationships. Let’s explore more about Jeezy’s journey into fatherhood over 20-plus years in rap.

Jeezy’s Views on Parenting

According to Jeezy, learning he was going to become a first-time father at a young age helped refocus the ambitious rapper from the streets to the studio.

In a letter to his oldest son Jadarius, Jeezy wrote:

“You taught me to be responsible. You taught me to get out of the streets. Because I had to set an example.”

Remaining dedicated to co-parenting all three kids even amidst romantic splits, Jeezy is proud of being a present father while building his storied rap legacy, especially for first born Jadarius.

Marriage and Family Plans

In early 2022, Jeezy married TV host and entrepreneur Jeannie Mai. While they do not share any biological children, the newlyweds have spoken excitedly about plans to grow their family.

After suffering a traumatic pregnancy loss in 2021, Jeannie has been open about hopes for she and Jeezy to conceive through IVF or adoption. It’s quite possible the famous couple will provide future siblings for Jeezy’s three children sometime soon.

For now though, Jeezy is enjoying fatherhood at its current stage while being happily married to supportive new wife Jeannie, whom his kids already know very well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jeezy’s Family:

Who is Jeezy married to?

As of early 2023, Jeezy is married to TV personality Jeannie Mai. They tied the knot in early 2022 after dating for a few years.

How old is rapper Jeezy?

Jeezy was born in September 1977. As of 2023, he is 45 years old.

Where is Jeezy originally from?

Jeezy was born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina and later relocated to Atlanta, Georgia as his rap career took off.

What college did Jeezy attend?

Jeezy studied at Georgia Perimeter College and Clark Atlanta University briefly before dropping out to focus on his budding music career.

What happened to Jeezy’s mother?

Jeezy’s mother died when he was young, reportedly as collateral damage amidst street violence. The trauma fueled his music and desire to break the dangerous cycle.


Behind the flashy persona and gritty street anthems lies a devoted father of three named Jay Wayne Jenkins. While details remain sparse about the mothers of his children, Jeezy has prioritized parenting his kids for over 20 years amidst unprecedented rap success. Now happily married to TV star Jeannie Mai, time will tell if more little ones join the modern hip hop Brady Bunch someday soon.

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