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Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant is the founder and senior pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia. He is a prominent albeit controversial figure in the church community, known for his charismatic preaching style. Outside of the pulpit, many have wondered – how many kids does Jamal Bryant have?

Bryant has fathered children with several different women over the years. While the exact number of his kids is not confirmed, reports suggest he has at least five children ranging in age from teens to late 20s.

Children With Ex-Wife Gizelle Bryant

Pastor Bryant was previously married to reality TV personality Gizelle Bryant from 2002-2009. The former couple have three daughters together:

  • Grace Bryant: Born in 2004, Grace is the oldest daughter of Jamal and Gizelle Bryant. She is now around 19 years old.
  • Angel Bryant: Born in 2006, Angel is about 17 years old currently.
  • Adore Bryant: The youngest daughter of Jamal and Gizelle, Adore was born in 2008. She is approximately 15 years old now.

Gizelle has custody of all three girls and is raising them primarily as a single mother in Potomac, Maryland. The girls are sometimes featured on episodes of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Potomac.

Other Known Children

In addition to his three daughters with ex-wife Gizelle, Jamal Bryant has reportedly fathered at least two other children outside of marriage:

  • A son named John Karston Bryant who is now in his 20s. His mother’s identity has not been publicly confirmed.
  • A daughter named Grace Bryant (likely in her teens now) with a woman named Andrea Wilson. Bryant was legally established as the father following a 2018 paternity case.

There are also unconfirmed rumors that Jamal Bryant may have other children as well. However, the pastor has not provided definitive information about the total size of his family.

Co-Parenting and Child Support Battles

Jamal Bryant has faced controversies and court cases related to his children over the years. He was embroiled in a lengthy child support battle with Andrea Wilson and was found to be in contempt of court orders at one point.

Bryant has also been criticized for not spending enough time with his children and focusing too heavily on his ministry and self-promotion. However, more recently, he has shared affectionate posts about his daughters on social media, suggesting he is trying to be more involved in their lives.

Looking Ahead

At age 51, it’s unlikely that Jamal Bryant will welcome more children. But he continues to face questions about his past romantic relationships and how many kids he has fathered in total. Bryant has not directly addressed those questions in recent years.

For now, the prominent pastor remains focused on his ministry work and sharing his messages with a devoted congregation of followers. It seems that balancing faith, family, and controversy will continue to be a challenge in Bryant’s public and private life.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pastor Jamal Bryant’s Family

Here are some common questions people have about Jamal Bryant’s children and family situation:

How many baby mamas does Jamal Bryant have?

Based on available information, Jamal Bryant has at least three baby mamas: ex-wife Gizelle Bryant, Andrea Wilson, and an unknown mother of his eldest son John.

Does Bryant have a relationship with all his kids?

Bryant appears to have an active role in his daughters’ lives, especially Grace, Angel, and Adore who live with his ex-wife Gizelle. His level of involvement with his other children is less clear.

Where do Bryant’s children live?

His daughters with Gizelle live primarily in Potomac, Maryland with their mother. The home base for his other children is unknown.

What church does Pastor Bryant preach at?

Jamal Bryant is the senior pastor at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia. He has led the megachurch since 2019.

Has Pastor Bryant spoken publicly about his children?

Bryant rarely comments in detail about his family life. But he does share occasional social media posts about his daughters Grace, Angel, and Adore.

In summary, Jamal Bryant has fathered at least five children from various relationships over the years. While the influential pastor does not speak much about his personal life, his kids remain an ongoing interest to his church community and the wider public.

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