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Atlanta hip hop pioneer Gucci Mane has cultivated an iconic career in trap music since releasing his debut album in 2005. With smash hits like “Icy,” “Wasted,” “Wake Up in the Sky” with Bruno Mars, Gucci has cemented his influence across the rap game. However, the larger-than-life rap persona contrasts Gucci Mane’s private role as a first-time dad in recent years. So how many biological kids does prominent MC Gucci Mane have?

Gucci Mane Has One Son

As of 2023, celebrity rapper Gucci Mane has one biological child – a son named Ice Davis, born in December 2020. The mother of Gucci’s baby boy is Sheena Evans, an on-again-off-again girlfriend of Gucci’s whom he first proposed to in 2018 before the relationship turned turbulent once again.

Despite a rocky history with Evans, Gucci was overjoyed at Ice’s arrival, affectionately calling him “FrostyDaSnowmann” after his father’s famous icy jewelry. Now Gucci is embracing first-time fatherhood at age 40 with sweet Instagram posts doting on baby Ice.

So while his colorful relationship past once dominated headlines, iconic hip hop artist Gucci Mane is now proud to have one beloved son lighting up his life.

Gucci’s Son Was Conceived Before Prison

Gucci Mane actually learned he was becoming a new dad under unusual circumstances in September 2020. At the time, he was serving a year-long federal prison sentence for firearm possession as a convicted felon. While incarcerated, Gucci was informed that Sheena Evans was pregnant with his child.

Ice Davis then entered the world shortly after Gucci was released in December 2020. And despite no longer being romantically involved with Evans, Gucci has been the doting father he never had present in his own turbulent childhood.

Finding Happiness with Keyshia Ka’oir

While co-parenting new son Ice with Evans, Gucci blissfully tied the knot with model Keyshia Ka’oir in 2017. Gucci credits Ka’oir with helping stabilize his life amidst substance abuse issues and prison bids. And Keyshia openly embraced becoming a stepmom to baby Ice from the start.

Since his prison release, Gucci has even dropped over 150 pounds to live a cleaner lifestyle as an older, devoted family man. And it seems fatherhood has grounded the former troublemaker in a happier place where music remains his passion, but parenting son Ice brings Gucci his deepest rewards.


Behind the flamboyant persona and gritty street anthems lies a loving dad to one-year-old Ice Davis. Despite a complex history with Ice’s mother, Sheena Evans, Gucci Mane has embraced his responsibility as a father wholeheartedly. And while flashes of the legendary Gucci Mane party king resurface in viral clips, his lyrics and lifestyle point to genuine maturity since his son stole the spotlight.

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