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Rapper Fetty Wap has an exceptionally large family, even for a celebrity. As of 2023, Fetty Wap has seven biological children with six different women. Despite never marrying, Fetty Wap continues to have children with multiple previous partners.

An Exploration of Fetty Wap’s Children

Fetty Wap initially gained recognition for his hit 2015 singles “Trap Queen” and “679”. His music career took off rapidly. But unbeknownst to many fans at the time, he already had children before his meteoric career rise. Let’s explore Fetty Wap’s big family tree:

Aydin Zoovier (Born 2011, Age 11)

Fetty Wap’s oldest child is son Aydin, born in 2011. Aydin’s mother is former girlfriend Ariel Reese. As Fetty Wap has said publicly, “He made me a better person.” Fetty credits Aydin for helping inspire his rap persona before fame.

Zaviera Maxwell (Born 2013, Age 10)

In 2013, leasing agent Masika Kalysha gave birth to daughter Zaviera. Fetty began dating Masika shortly after Aydin’s birth. But the two never married before ending their rocky relationship.

Khari Barbie (Born 2016, Age 6)

Fetty Wap had a short relationship with model Alexis Skyy. She became pregnant and gave birth to daughter Khari in 2016. But Alexis and Fetty also didn’t last as a couple after Khari’s birth.

Lauren Maxwell (Born 2017, Age 5)

In 2017, Masika Kalysha gave birth to her second child with Fetty Wap – daughter Lauren Maxwell. Little is publicly known about their specific situation at the time surrounding Lauren’s birth.

Amani Lauren (Born 2018, Age 4)

Ex-girlfriend Lezhae Zeona entered the picture next. She and Fetty began dating in 2018. Shortly after, Lezhae gave birth to daughter Amani Lauren, Fetty’s fifth biological child.

Zyheir (Born 2020, Age 2)

In January 2020, influencer Leandra K. Gonzales welcomed son Zyheir with rapper Fetty Wap. Details of their relationship remain unclear, but they now co-parent their son together.

Alaiya Grace (Born 2022, 7 Months Old)

Fetty Wap continued growing his family tree by welcoming baby girl Alaiya in 2022 with mother Turquoise Miami. Alaiya is Fetty Wap’s seventh child so far. He now has 4 daughters and 3 sons by six different women.

So in summary, Fetty Wap has seven kids spanning over a decade despite never marrying. He remains committed to supporting his many children, though, as his Instagram often highlights his large family.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fetty Wap’s Family

How many baby mamas does Fetty Wap have?

As of 2023, Fetty Wap has six baby mamas: ex-girlfriends Ariel Reese, Masika Kalysha, Alexis Skyy, Leandra K. Gonzales, Lezhae Zeona, and Turquoise Miami. He has children with all six women.

What is Fetty Wap’s net worth?

CelebrityNetWorth estimates Fetty Wap’s 2023 net worth at $8 million. Despite many financial obligations from child support and legal troubles, he retains lucrative recording and touring income.

Where did Fetty Wap go to college?

Fetty Wap did not attend college. He planned for a musical career from a young age. By age 21, he left school to focus on work and family life, shortly before releasing his breakout singles.

Who has custody of Fetty Wap’s kids?

While details vary, Fetty Wap appears to share custody agreements with his different children’s mothers. He frequently posts images with his kids indicating shared or visitation custody arrangements.

Is Fetty Wap married?

No, Fetty Wap has never been married. However, he has been engaged before to ex-girlfriend Leandra K. Gonzales, the mother of his son Zyheir. But the two split before reaching marriage.

With seven kids by six women so far, Fetty Wap certainly keeps busy as he continues balancing his personal life and music career. Despite past legal issues and relationship troubles, he does his best to remain present in all his children’s lives.

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