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How Many Biological Children Did Eazy-E Father?

Iconic rapper and N.W.A co-founder Eazy-E, whose real name was Eric Wright, is believed to have fathered at least 7 children in his life before passing away at the young age of 31 in 1995.

Though never marrying, Eazy-E was a busy father, having children with multiple different women that he had affairs with during his music career heyday in the late 80s and early 90s.

Who Are the Mothers of Eazy-E’s Children?

The mothers of Eazy-E’s known children are:

  • Tracy Jernagin – mother of Eric Darnell Wright (born April 29, 1984)
  • Unnamed woman – mother of baby who died in early 1984
  • Unnamed woman – mother of Marquise Wright
  • Tomica Woods-Wright – mother to Erin Bria Wright (born July 13, 1991)
  • Unnamed woman – mother to three others Eazy claimed to have fathered

Tracy Jernagin was Eazy’s longtime on-off girlfriend and high school sweetheart. They conceived Eric Darnell while still in high school.

Much less is known about the mothers of his other children, apart from Tomica Woods-Wright. Tomica married Eazy just weeks before his death from AIDS complications in 1995. Their daughter, Erin Bria Wright, was born in 1991 during another of Eazy and Tomica’s breaks from dating.

What Happened to Eazy-E’s 7 Reported Children After His Death?

When Eazy passed away without a will in 1995, his recording company Ruthless Records, founded in with Jerry Heller, was inherited by his widow Tomica Woods-Wright and their shared daughter Erin.

Eric Darnell Wright: Eazy’s eldest son Eric sided with his aunt and Eazy’s longtime girlfriend Tracy in a dispute over Eazy’s estate. The outcome saw Tomica retain control of Ruthless Records but the children receive a share of future album sales.

Unnamed Daughter: Eazy tragically lost an infant daughter to pneumonia in 1984 according to the 2015 film Straight Outta Compton.

Marquise Wright: Eazy’s son Marquise has stated in interviews over the years that he struggled without having his father around to guide him growing up. But that losing his dad led him towards music as an outlet from acting out.

Very little is known publicly about Eazy’s other rumored children and their lives after his passing. Most have understandably chosen to remain out of the spotlight.

Did Eazy Have a Son With Singer Michel’le?

A former relationship of note is Eazy’s romance with R&B singer Michel’le in the late 80s, during NWA’s hard-partying heyday. Michel’le has previously claimed Eazy as being the deadbeat father of her son BaDaria, born in 1989.

But she later retracted this statement and updated that late Ruthless Records producer Kimberly “Dr. Dre” C’s is in fact the father of her son. However, rumors continue to speculate that Dre denied paternity hence Michel’le’s periodic flip-flopping on naming the real dad.

DNA tests do not appear to have been publicly released to conclusively rule Eazy out as the father of Michel’le son. But her own dubious statements suggest it was another rumor likely stemming from her and Eazy’s casual relationship during that time.

How Many Baby Mamas Did Eazy Have Total?

While the exact number is uncertain, Eazy-E is confirmed through birth records and sources close to him to have had 5 baby mamas – Tracy Jernigan, an unnamed early girlfriend who had his stillborn daughter, Tomica Wright, and at least 2 other women who have not been named publicly that Eazy mentioned as mothers of his children.

Tracy and Tomica are considered to be Eazy’s most serious love interests, while other women he was involved with are rumored to have been short-term girlfriends and flings characteristic of his experience with fame.

Frequently Asked Questions About Eazy-E’s Children

Here are answers to some other common questions about Eazy’s kids that didn’t fit neatly into the article flow:

Did Eazy-E have a daughter?

Yes, Eazy’s confirmed daughters are Erin Bria Wright, who he had with Tomica shortly before his passing, and a stillborn baby girl delivered by an early unnamed girlfriend in 1984.

Does Eazy-E have grandchildren?

Yes, Eazy’s grandchildren come from his daughters Erin and eldest son Eric. Erin had a daughter named Ebie in 2016, making her a 3rd generation descendant of the famous rap star.

Where are Eazy-E’s kids now?

While secluded from fame for their privacy, his children are mostly grown adults now believed to be living in southern California like their late father through details gleaned from social media accounts.

Does Darryl “D.O.C.” Daniels have a daughter with Eazy-E?

No. This is an unfounded rumor stemming from D.O.C.’s close affiliation with Ruthless Records and N.W.A along with Eazy. D.O.C. has his own children but there is no credible evidence he conceived any children with Eazy-E.

Did Jerry Heller steal money from Eazy’s family after his death?

While accusations flew after Eazy’s passing over the N.W.A founder’s disputed estate, no credible evidence exists to substantiate claims of illegal abuse by Heller or any other Ruthless Records figure towards the heirs.

So in total, Eazy-E is confirmed to have had 7 children by 5 different women during his life cut short by illness at just 31 years old. Through details shared publicly, we know the names and mothers of a few of his kids, while others remain unidentified and mostly out of the spotlight.

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