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While most people are well aware of Dwayne Johnson’s fame as “The Rock” in the wrestling world, and later as a Hollywood superstar, there is another side of his life that remains less publicized – his role as a father. In this article, we answer the question: how many kids does Dwayne Johnson have?

Dwayne Johnson: A Devoted Father

Dwayne Johnson is not only a superstar but also a loving father to three children.

The Rock’s Precious Gems

Dwayne Johnson’s first child, Simone Alexandra Johnson, was born in 2001, from his previous marriage to Dany Garcia. His other two children, Jasmine and Tiana Gia, were born in 2015 and 2018 respectively, from his current marriage to Lauren Hashian.


As Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson continues to entertain us with his charisma on screen, he also treasures the joyous moments of being a father to his three children, offering us a glimpse of his tender, paternal side.


1. How many kids does Dwayne Johnson have?

Dwayne Johnson has three children.

2. What are the names of Dwayne Johnson’s children?

Dwayne Johnson’s children are Simone Alexandra Johnson, Jasmine Johnson, and Tiana Gia Johnson.

3. Who are the mothers of Dwayne Johnson’s children?

Simone Alexandra Johnson’s mother is Dany Garcia, Dwayne Johnson’s first wife. Jasmine and Tiana Gia Johnson’s mother is Lauren Hashian, his current wife.

4. When were Dwayne Johnson’s children born?

Simone Alexandra was born in 2001, Jasmine in 2015, and Tiana Gia in 2018.

5. Who is the eldest among Dwayne Johnson’s children?

Simone Alexandra Johnson is the eldest of Dwayne Johnson’s children.

6. Who is the youngest among Dwayne Johnson’s children?

Tiana Gia Johnson is the youngest of Dwayne Johnson’s children.

7. Is Dwayne Johnson married?

As of my last update in September 2021, Dwayne Johnson is married to Lauren Hashian.

8. Where can I find more information about Dwayne Johnson’s family?

More information about Dwayne Johnson’s family can be found on his Wikipedia┬ápage.

9. Does Dwayne Johnson share pictures of his children on social media?

Yes, Dwayne Johnson occasionally shares pictures of his children on his social media accounts.

10. What does Dwayne Johnson say about being a father?

Dwayne Johnson has often expressed that being a father is one of the greatest joys of his life, and he cherishes every moment spent with his children.

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