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Dineo Ranaka is a prominent TV personality in South Africa, best known for hosting shows like The Ranakas and All Access on SABC and E! Entertainment respectively. She often draws media attention for her outspoken views and openness about personal issues like relationships and parenting. But away from the spotlight, how many children does Dineo Ranaka actually have?

Ranaka experienced teen pregnancy early in life and has been a single mother for years. She works hard to provide the best possible life for her two beloved daughters. Though not always easy, Ranaka takes great pride in motherhood and her small but happy family.

Brief Background on Dineo Ranaka’s Media Career

Dineo Portia Ranaka was born in 1985 in Soweto, Johannesburg. Despite her mother’s early disapproval, she pursued a career in entertainment starting as a DJ while attending college.

Ranaka landed her first major TV presenting role on the music show Hectic Nine-9 in 2006. This launched her broadcasting career, with hosting jobs on popular shows like Top Billing, Real Goboza, and Mzanzi Insider.

In 2018, Ranaka starred in her own reality show called The Ranakas on SABC, giving fans a glimpse of her personal life. She is known for advocating body positivity and self-confidence.

Ranaka’s Early Pregnancy and First Child

At only 17 years old in 2003, Dineo Ranaka gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Relebogile. The father was Ranaka’s high school boyfriend, Leeroy Zikalala.

Becoming a mother while still a teenager herself was extremely difficult for Ranaka. She has been open about facing judgment and “starting motherhood on the wrong foot.”

However, Ranaka considers her firstborn Relebogile a blessing and learning experience. She successfully finished school and launched her career despite being a young mom.

Welcoming Daughter Kairo Six Years Later

In March 2009, Ranaka gave birth to her second daughter named Kairo Ranaka-Mokwele. The father is Tumisho Mokwele, who Dineo dated on-and-off but never married.

The birth came shortly after Ranaka’s career was starting to take off. She has admitted to initially struggling to balance motherhood with her demanding television work.

But over time, Ranaka got the hang of raising two girls while building a media career. She makes sure both Relebogile and Kairo feel loved despite having an absent father and busy mom.

Life as a Single Mother Juggling Kids and Career

Dineo Ranaka has been transparent about the difficulties of being a single working parent on many occasions.

She raises her daughters as a co-parent with her mother, who provides help and support. Ranaka has also spoken out about the fathers’ lack of involvement in their kids’ lives.

Juggling her starring TV roles while making time for her girls hasn’t always been easy. But Ranaka credits her daughters with keeping her strong, motivated, and grounded.

She frequently shares family photos and proudly brings Relebogile and Kairo to red carpet events. Ranaka is committed to being the best mother possible despite any challenges.

What We Know About Ranaka’s Daughters Today

While Dineo Ranaka keeps her daughters mostly out of the public eye, some details on her girls are known:

  • Relebogile was born in 2003, making her around 19 years old now. She attends university.
  • Kairo was born in 2009. She is now approximately 13 years old.
  • Ranaka had both girls with long-term boyfriends who were never married to her.
  • The sisters have a very close bond and supportive relationship.
  • Ranaka calls her daughters her “greatest achievement.”


In summary, popular South African media personality Dineo Ranaka has two daughters – Relebogile, born 2003, and Kairo, born 2009. She had each of her girls as a teenager and single mother.

Ranaka works hard to give her kids the best life possible and keeps them grounded amidst her fame. The TV host is abundantly proud to be a loving mother of two despite facing many challenges over the years.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dineo Ranaka’s Kids

How many children does Dineo Ranaka have?

She has two daughters named Relebogile and Kairo.

How old is her oldest daughter Relebogile?

Relebogile is approximately 19 years old as of 2022.

Who is the father of Dineo’s kids?

Her older daughter’s dad is Leeroy Zikalala. Kairo’s father is Tumisho Mokwele.

Does Dineo Ranaka have full custody of her kids?

Yes, she raises both her daughters as a single mother.

Where does Ranaka live with her family?

They reside together in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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