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Over her storied, decades-long career, the fabulous Diana Ross has earned her place as soul, pop and R&B royalty. From her early days leading the supremely successful group The Supremes in the 1960s up through massive solo success with classics like “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and “I’m Coming Out”, Ross’s soaring vocals cemented her icon status.

While legions of fans connected with Ross’s music, the superstar also focused on raising a family amidst the heights of fame. So exactly how many kids does the fabulous Diana Ross have? Read on for a deep dive into Miss Ross’s home life beyond the glitz and glamour.

Diana Ross Rises to Fame with The Supremes

Born and raised in Detroit, Diana Ross broke into music early joining girl group the Primettes as a teenager, later renamed The Supremes. Signed to Motown records, Ross’s soulful voice and gorgeous look made her the focal point as lead singer of the group’s meteoric rise. The Supremes broke down barriers becoming the most successful Black female vocal group recording 12 #1 hits through the mid-60s.

As the Supremes ushered in a new era for Black artists, Ross handled pressures of celebrity and touring while having a series of love affairs that soon led to starting a family, even at the peak of the group’s fame.

Diana Becomes a Mother While With The Supremes

Diana gave birth in early 1971 during her time with the Supremes to daughter Tracee Joy following a relationship with Motown founder Berry Gordy. Just as her solo career kicked off, baby Tracee traveled on tour with mom enabling the close bond they still share today. Ross went on to give birth to two more daughters over the next several years.

Diana Ross’ 5 Children

Here is an overview of Diana Ross’s five kids:

1. Tracee Ellis Ross

Born in 1972, actress Tracee Ellis Ross is perhaps Diana’s most famous offspring thanks to starring roles on hit shows like Black-ish and Girlfriends. Named after one of Diana’s backup singers, Tracee has won multiple awards during her prolific acting career spanning decades.

2. Rhonda Suzanne Silberstein

Diana welcomed second daughter Rhonda in Santa Monica circa 1971-early 1972. Rhonda’s father was Diana’s husband from 1971-1977, music business manager Robert Ellis Silberstein. Details about Rhonda’s life are scarce as she remains out of the spotlight.

3. Chudney Lane Silberstein

Chudney is Diana and Robert Silberstein’s second child together, born in November 1975. Like her sister Rhonda, Chudney leads a private life outside her iconic mother’s fame. Online sources indicate she may work in the entertainment legal field.

4. Ross Naess

Born in 1987, Ross Arne Naess is Diana’s son from her second marriage to Norwegian shipping magnate Arne Næss Jr, whom she wed in 1986. Ross Naess generally avoids the public eye as well.

5. Evan Ross

Diana’s youngest son Evan Olav Næss came in 1988. Now known professionally as Evan Ross, he inherited the family talents becoming an actor and musician, even marrying singer Ashlee Simpson. Out of Diana’s kids, Evan Ross interacts more openly with media acknowledging his famous mother’s legacy.

Diana Embraces Single Motherhood

Though she married twice in the late 70s through mid 80s, Diana Ross ultimately took on single motherhood – and recent sources suggest she prioritized her five children even at the height of fame. For decades her kids joined Ross on tour and at public appearances while she balanced her packed performance schedule with parenting.

Now well into her 70s yet still touring and releasing music, Ross can take pride knowing the next generation of her family has turned out so well, largely thanks to the love instilled by their iconic mom. Her kids all appear to maintain positive ties with each other as siblings and truly revere their legendary mother.

So How Many Kids Does Diana Ross Have?

To sum it up – the fabulous Diana Ross has five biological children across her relationships with Berry Gordy, ex-husband Robert Ellis Silberstein, Arne Næss Jr and other rumored loves through the years. Though fans barely saw her kids during her career heights, motherhood greatly enriched Ross’s personal life journey to balance with professional success.

At 78 years old, the iconic singer hopefully has many more years ahead getting to enjoy time with her now-grown large family made up of five kids and several grandchildren – though to the world she will always be the one and only unforgettable Diana Ross!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who was Diana Ross married to?

She married music exec Robert Silberstein from 1971-1977 and Norwegian shipping mogul Arne Næss Jr from 1986-2000.

Does Diana Ross have grandchildren?

Yes, her daughters Tracee Ellis and Chudney have children making Diana a proud grandmother.

What shattered The Supremes success?

Infighting and Diana Ross’s burgeoning solo success led her to leave the group in 1970 before officially disbanding.

Was Diana close with Michael Jackson?

As Motown labelmates, Ross and MJ were extremely close until his sudden death in 2009.

Will Diana Ross retire soon?

Even nearing 80 years old, Diana plans to continue singing and touring the globe dazzling fans for years to come!

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