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Inside the Nigerian Star’s Family

Internationally acclaimed Nigerian musician Davido has three children so far – a daughter named Imade born in 2015, a son named Dawson born in 2017, and a baby boy born in late 2022 whose name has not been announced publicly.

Despite past controversy over engaging in relationships resulting in children while building his music career, Davido takes responsibility as father to all three kids seriously.

So in summary, Davido has:

  • Daughter Imade
  • Son Dawson
  • A third baby son

The Afropop singer financially provides and communicates with all his children, aiming for greater involvement balancing busy career success and family life.

Davido’s Rise in Nigerian Music Scene

Born David Adeleke in 1992 to a prominent business family in Atlanta, Georgia, Davido grew up both American South and Lagos, Nigeria attending British International School. His billionaire father strongly disapproved pursuing music over university.

But Davido found breakout Nigerian success by age 20 when 2011 single “Back When” featuring Naeto C topped charts. Sophomore album “Omo Baba Olowo” cemented him as an Afrobeats frontrunner before graduating Babcock University business school honoring family.

Global collaborations with artists like Chris Brown then launched Davido to international fame through the 2010s. But his playboy lifestyle also resulted in conceiving children early amidst regional tours.

Becoming a Young Father

In 2015 during the rise of his music career, a 22-year old Davido suddenly made headlines for more scandalous reasons – he’d secretly fathered a daughter named Imade with an American university student named Sophie Momodu.

Their brief relationship ended, but Davido agreed to financial terms supporting baby Imade after a highly-publicized legal conflict. However messy custody disputes kept their situations strained for some time after Imade’s birth.

Just two years later in 2017, Davido again found himself confirming conception of a son named Dawson with another girlfriend Amanda – a pattern that unfortunately marred his early career peak.

But over years Davido matured, aiming to foster better bonds visiting young Imade and Dawson when possible between high-demand concerts and studio time.

Welcoming Third Baby Boy

After a few years without new children, 30-year old Davido surprised fans October 2022 introducing his third son on social media – a cute newborn boy posed sleeping on his chest. But he withheld the child’s name and mother’s identity.

While troubling rumors swirled suggesting the baby resulted from affair, Davido firmly celebrated and acknowledged his third child despite cryptic circumstances conceived on tour. He seems committed this time to being a very present loving dad.

As Davido finishes up long-awaited album “A Better Time” in 2023 with hopes for more international Grammy recognition, he balances making time for son Dawson, daughter Imade and new infant boy.

And the self-proclaimed “30 Billion Gang” leader aims to be a fine example guiding his kids in the years ahead as well.

Quick Facts on Davido’s Kids:

  • Firstborn daughter Imade Adeleke, born 2015
  • Second child, son Dawson, born 2017
  • Third child also a son, name undisclosed, born 2022
  • Children have three different mothers
  • Financially provides for and now more involved with all 3

Frequently Asked Questions About Davido’s Family:

How many baby mamas does singer Davido have?

Davido has three baby mamas total – Sophie Momodu mother of daughter Imade, Amanda mother of son Dawson, and another unnamed woman who gave birth to his newborn son in 2022.

What is Davido’s eldest daughter’s name?

Davido’s first child and only daughter so far is named Imade Adeleke, born in May 2015 when Davido was age 22 through relationship with Sophie Momodu.

Who is the mother of Davido’s third child?

The identity of the woman Davido recently had a baby boy with in 2022 has not been made public. Davido shared the child’s photo but not the mother’s name yet.

Where do Davido’s children live?

It appears Davido’s two eldest kids Imade and Dawson reside primarily with their mothers in Nigeria and visit dad Davido occasionally. Custody of the newborn third child is still unconfirmed.

How does Davido support his kids financially?

Despite not having full custody, Davido provides ample child support funds for Imade and Dawson’s care plus trusts set up for school and expenses via their mothers. He likely arranged similar for baby #3.

In summary, Afrobeats sensation Davido so far has three children – daughter Imade, son Dawson, and a newborn son – with three different women from casual relationships amidst music success and fame.

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