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David Adedeji Adeleke, better known by his stage name Davido, is one of the most popular and influential musicians in the Nigerian afrobeats scene. With hit songs like “Fall” and “If” gaining worldwide attention, the singer has become a global ambassador for the genre. In his personal life, Davido is also a proud father. So exactly how many kids does Davido have?

Davido has three children so far – two daughters named Imade and Hailey, and one son named Dawson. Keep reading to learn more about Davido’s life as a doting dad.

Overview of Davido’s Music Career

Before diving into Davido’s family, here is a quick recap of his monumental career:

  • Born November 21, 1992 in Atlanta, Georgia but raised in Lagos, Nigeria. Broke through in 2011 with debut single “Back When” featuring Naeto C.
  • Hits include “Dami Duro,” “Aye,” “Fall,” “If,” and “Jowo.” Known for blending American pop/R&B styles with afrobeats.
  • Has won over 30 awards, including a BET Award and MTV Europe Music Award. First African artist with over 1 million Instagram followers.
  • CEO of Davido Music Worldwide (DMW) record label and producer for many artists. Has collaborated with global stars like Chris Brown.

Now onto Davido’s three young children and life as a musician, businessman, and father.

Daughter Imade Adeleke

Davido’s first child Imade Adeleke was born on May 14, 2015. Her mother is Davido’s former partner Sophia Momodu. The couple were in a relationship circa 2014-2015.

Controversy erupted early in Imade’s life when Davido and Sophia disputed custody. But Imade now primarily lives with her mother in Lagos, with Davido generous about visitation rights.

The 7-year-old attends private school in Nigeria. Davido dotes on his firstborn daughter online, calling her his “first true love.”

Daughter Hailey Veronica Adeleke

In early 2017, news broke that Davido had a second daughter named Hailey Veronica Adeleke, born in the United States. Hailey’s mother’s identity is unclear.

Now around 5 years old, Hailey seems to split her time between the U.S. and Nigeria. When Davido is touring abroad, he makes an effort to see his second daughter. He has posted pictures proudly wearing matching outfits with Hailey.

Son Dawson Adeleke

Born in 2022, Davido’s first son and third child is named Dawson Adeleke. The mother is Chicago model Larissa London.

Little Dawson has only just come into the world in early 2022. Davido joyfully announced his birth on social media, indicating he will play an active role as father despite no longer being with Larissa.

At just a few months old, Dawson is the latest addition to Davido’s growing family. The singer often brings his kids on stage at concerts, introducing them to fans.

Davido’s Life as a Father

Though his relationship history is complicated, Davido seems intent on being present in all his children’s lives. He posts about them frequently online and advocates for their best interests.

The singer has been open about learning from past mistakes and wanting to be a proper role model for his kids. Davido takes fatherhood seriously, saying his children are his “real legacy.”

As his star continues to rise, Davido aims to remain grounded by family and pass down strong values to Imade, Hailey, and Dawson.

Frequently Asked Questions About Davido’s Kids

Here are some common questions fans have about Davido’s children:

How many biological kids does Davido have?

Davido has three biological children – two daughters named Imade and Hailey, and a son named Dawson.

Who are the mothers of Davido’s kids?

The mothers are Sophia Momodu (Imade), Amanda (Hailey), and Larissa London (Dawson). Davido had short-term relationships with each.

Does Davido have full custody of his children?

No, he shares custody of Imade and Hailey with their mothers. Newborn Dawson will likely also split his time.

Where does Davido live with his family?

Davido owns houses in Lagos, Nigeria and Atlanta, Georgia. But his children live primarily with their mothers in different locations.

How does Davido balance his music career with fatherhood?

He travels frequently to visit each child, bringing them on tour when possible. Davido also pays child support and stays involved online.

In summary, globally famous Nigerian musician Davido has three young children that he actively co-parents despite complicated histories with their mothers. Fatherhood seems to motivate him to work hard and keep growing.

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