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Chris Rock is one of the most popular and influential comedians and actors of his generation. He’s known for his sharp, insightful humor and candid takes on relationships, race, politics and more. But how much does the public know about Chris Rock’s family life off stage? Specifically, how many kids does Chris Rock have?

The answer is that Rock has two daughters from his marriage to Malaak Compton-Rock, which ended in divorce in 2016 after nearly 20 years together. Read on to learn more about Chris Rock’s children and his approach to fatherhood and family.

A Brief Overview of Chris Rock’s Personal Life

Before diving into details on his kids, let’s look briefly at Chris Rock’s marital history:

  • Rock married Malaak Compton-Rock, a philanthropist and founder of nonprofit StyleWorks, in 1996. They had two daughters together.
  • In 2014, Malaak filed for divorce. It was finalized in 2016, ending their 20-year marriage.
  • Since then, Rock has chosen to keep his dating life private. He has not remarried or had additional children.
  • The divorce settlement granted joint legal and physical custody of their daughters.

Now let’s explore Chris Rock’s life as a father and get to know his two kids.

Lola Simone Rock, Chris Rock’s Eldest Daughter

Chris Rock’s first child is daughter Lola Simone Rock, born in 2002. As his oldest child, Lola holds a special place in her famous father’s heart.

In various interviews over the years, Rock has expressed how becoming a father profoundly changed his outlook. When Lola was born, he said it helped him move beyond self-centered ambitions to a fuller purpose in life.

Rock makes sure to keep his kids out of the spotlight. But he does share occasional glimpses into his experiences as a dad. It’s clear Lola motivates him to work hard and set an example, both in his career and personal growth.

Now in her 20s, Lola maintains a low profile like her sister. While details are sparse, her father’s comments reveal his immense pride in the thoughtful, creative woman she’s become.

Zahra Savannah Rock, Chris Rock’s Youngest Daughter

Chris Rock’s second daughter, Zahra Savannah Rock, was born in 2004. As the younger sister, she brings another dynamic to the family.

Rock has touched on the joy and challenges of raising two girls close in age. He’s joked about standing guard when they start dating, and the sisterly bickering over clothes and interests.

But he also expresses sincere appreciation for the chance to watch his girls grow into their individual personalities. He hopes to impart lessons on confidence, self-love and not relying on external validation.

Now 18, Zahra is pursuing her passions in college. Rock will likely continue imparting wisdom to help ground her in a values-driven life.

Chris Rock Keeps His Kids Out of the Spotlight

Unlike some star families, Chris Rock has always shielded Lola and Zahra from fame’s glare. He recognizes the importance of normalcy for kids, especially those with famous parents.

In interviews, Rock has stated he does not want either daughter photographed or on red carpets. He’s even kept their names somewhat private. The priority is allowing them typical childhoods and space to bloom independently.

This reflects Rock’s protective instincts and respect for his daughters’ autonomy. Even as a star himself, his kids come first.

He Takes His Role as a Father Seriously

Chris Rock has often used humor to share nuggets of wisdom on parenting. But it’s clear from his comments that he takes fatherhood very seriously.

He frequently acknowledges the major responsibility of raising kids. He stresses the importance of being present and setting the right example at home.

Rock also speaks openly about the learning curve all parents face. Making mistakes comes with the territory – the key is trying to get better each day.

Above all, he wants to raise his girls to feel secure in themselves and navigate life’s challenges with self-belief. They are a central motivation for Rock to grow as a person.

His Divorce Has Been Difficult on the Family

In interviews since his divorce, Rock has alluded to the painful impact it’s had on his children. Ending a long marriage is hard on everyone.

But Rock and his ex-wife have remained committed to co-parenting respectfully for their kids’ wellbeing. Keeping Lola and Zahra’s lives as stable as possible has been the priority.

The process has inevitably brought ups and downs. Yet it speaks to Rock’s dedication that his daughters still come first. Their needs will always guide his choices as a father.

Chris Rock Kids FAQs

Here are answers to 5 common questions people have about Chris Rock’s daughters and family:

How old are Chris Rock’s daughters now?

Chris Rock has two daughters – Lola Simone Rock, who was born in 2002, and Zahra Savannah Rock, born in 2004. As of 2023, Lola is around 21 years old, while Zahra is approximately 18 years old.

What are his daughters named?

Chris Rock’s first daughter is named Lola Simone Rock. His second daughter is named Zahra Savannah Rock. He has chosen to keep his kids’ identities low-profile over the years.

Where do Chris Rock’s daughters live?

The family resides primarily in New Jersey. His daughters have spent most of their lives growing up there while Rock has balanced his busy entertainment career. The girls also split time with each parent after the divorce.

Are Chris Rock’s daughters on social media?

No, Chris Rock’s daughters do not appear to have public social media accounts. Their father has sheltered them from fame to allow for normal upbringings focused on their privacy.

What has Chris Rock said about being a father?

He says becoming a dad changed his outlook and gave him a sense of purpose beyond his career. He stresses the major responsibility of fatherhood and aims to teach his girls self-confidence. He also admits to making mistakes but always working to improve.

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