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Introduction to Chris Hemsworth’s Acting Career

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth is likely most famous for wielding the hammer as Thor – god of Thunder in Marvel’s insanely popular Avengers and Thor movie franchises. With his heroic looks and impressive physique, Hemsworth has became one of Hollywood’s most sought-after leading men.

But away from cameras, the movie star embraces a more lowkey lifestyle focused on family time these days rather than fame. He and wife Elsa Pataky have three young children that keep them busy between acting gigs.

Father of Daughter India & Twin Sons

In total, celebrity heartthrob Chris Hemsworth and model/actress wife Elsa Pataky have three children together so far:

  • Daughter India Rose Hemsworth (born May 2012)
  • Twin sons Tristan and Sasha Hemsworth (born March 2014)

Hemsworth was already relatively established in Hollywood when he and Pataky first connected in 2010. But noticeable after they wed and kids entered the picture, Chris has become increasingly selective with roles to stay close to home.

Balancing Career and Fatherhood

Marrying young in Hollywood terms at age 28, Hemsworth embraced domestic life early on. He once called the acting world “volatile and unpredictable.” But feels parenthood provides stability between big film projects away from the fame bubble.

The family splits time between Los Angeles and Australia, but frequently all travel together when Hemsworth is filming on remote locations for Marvel movies and other blockbuster projects to maximize time together.

While career driven, Hemsworth is hands on raising daughter India and twin boys Sasha & Tristan – relishing beach days back home and simple activities more than red carpets.

Left Partying Lifestyle Behind

In interviews over the years, Chris has been open about leaving his partying days behind after becoming both a husband and father.

“…having kids, it certainly changes your perspective on things,” he told media. “Instead of racing to keep up [partying] with the rest of Hollywood while filming, now it’s about bringing the family with me wherever I can.”

The Hemsworth crew including kids and dogs in tow has almost become an extension of Chris’ film sets – keeping the actor grounded as his star power grows.


For a guy who plays a superhero god on screen as Thor, Chris Hemsworth leads a surprisingly normal domestic life focused on raising his three young children off screen when the cape gets hung up at the end of the day.

He and model wife Elsa Pataky prioritize daughter India and twin sons Sasha & Tristan amidst busy Hollywood careers – keeping extended stays at their Australian compound and tropical vacations the norm for one of Hollywood’s hottest and most humble family men.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the name of Chris Hemsworth’s daughter?

A: Chris Hemsworth’s eldest child is daughter India Rose Hemsworth, born May 2012.

Q: How old are Chris Hemsworth’s twins?

A: Hemsworth’s twin sons Tristan and Sasha are the same age, born March 2014. They are 9 years old as of 2023.

Q: Where do Chris Hemsworth and his family live?

A: They split time between Los Angeles and Hemsworth’s native Australia.

Q: Is Chris Hemsworth done having kids?

A: As of now, he and wife Elsa are happy with their family of five but never say never about more kids.

Q: What does Chris Hemsworth value most in life?

A: In multiple interviews, Hemsworth says his #1 priority is time spent with wife Elsa and their three children.

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