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Introduction to Chad Johnson’s Football Career

Former NFL wideout Chad Johnson – aka Chad Ochocinco – was one of pro football’s biggest superstars in the early 2000s known almost as much his boisterous celebrations as insane on-field production over 10 seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals and one year with the New England Patriots.

The athletic showman racked up nearly 12,000 receiving yards total and landed six Pro Bowl nods at his peak. But as Johnson transitioned to controversial retiree and reality TV fixture later on, how has the former superstar athlete handled fatherhood off the gridiron?

Father to 8 Kids Total

While still single with no plans to marry anytime soon judging by appearances on shows like The Bachelor and Couples Therapy, ex-football icon Chad Johnson has one very big family at home – he’s fathered eight children total with multiple women through the years.

Johnson had his first child during his early NFL playing days back in 1998, welcoming a son named Chad Jr. Now going on 2024, the former All-Pro wideout has added seven more kids over the last two decades to his flock.

Co-Parenting His Large Family

Like with most high-profile athletes, details on Johnson’s children and their various mothers are scarce for sake of privacy. Chad tends to keeps his kids out of the spotlight.

But from social media posts over the years, it appears Chad Johnson maintains contact and shares co-parenting duties for all eight of his children regardless of past failed relationships. Preserving his bond with the kids seems to be Johnson’s priority.

Embracing Fatherhood Over Fame

During his headline-grabbing football days, Chad Johnson embraced fame almost as much producing catches on-field with outrageous suits and touchdown dances. But later legal issues and a short-lived boxing foray dimmed the star power a bit.

In recent years, Johnson seems more content being “superdad” to his super-sized family. He once told media fatherhood outweighs past gridiron glory:

“My proudest achievement in this lifetime will be raising all my children”


Flamboyant receiver Chad Ochocinco Johnson made his mark racking up insane receiving numbers and controversy simultaneously during a successful decade-plus NFL run. But his longest-lasting legacy lies with the eight children he’s welcomed and embraced co-parenting duties for following relationships with multiple women through the years.

For all of Johnson’s past seeking of cameras and wild antics, being “dad” to his flock clearly provides the retired NFL showman his most satisfying game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Chad Johnson’s first son’s name?

A: Chad Johnson’s oldest son is named Chad Johnson Jr. after himself. He was born in 1998.

Q: How many baby mamas does Chad Johnson have?

A: While exact details aren’t public, Johnson is assumed to have at least 5-6 baby mamas judging by his 8 kids’ ages.

Q: Does Chad Johnson have full custody of any kids?

A: No information is available on formal custody arrangements. But Chad co-parents all children per his social media posts.

Q: Does Chad Johnson have a child with Evelyn Lozada?

A: No, Johnson does not have any children from his brief 2012 marriage to reality star Evelyn Lozada.

Q: Where does Chad Johnson currently live?

A: Chad Johnson is based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. But likely travels often to visit his various children elsewhere.

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