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Born Sean Michael Leonard Anderson in 1988, Big Sean is a multi-platinum hip-hop artist known for hit songs like “My Last,” “Marvin & Chardonnay,” and “I Don’t F**k with You.” One of the most popular rappers to come out of Detroit, Big Sean has been active in music for over a decade since getting signed by Kanye West.

In his lyrics, Sean occasionally mentions hopes of settling down and starting a family one day. So how many kids does Big Sean have currently? Read on for more about his past relationships and Big Sean’s plans for future fatherhood outside his prolific music career.

Big Sean’s Music Success

Discovered early thanks to a freestyle rap for Detroit radio station 102.7 FM in 2005, Big Sean’s complex wordplay and authenticity swiftly propelled his hip-hop career. By 2008 he connected with producer and rap icon Kanye West who was blown away by Sean’s talent, offering him a contract with GOOD Music shortly after.

From there Big Sean skyrocketed with major label debut album “Finally Famous” arriving in 2011 featuring monster singles “Dance (A$$) Remix” and “Marvin & Chardonnay”. His sophomore effort “Hall of Fame” cemented him further impressing fans and critics. Sean has since released five successful studio albums and become a sought-after collaborator in pop and rap crossover hits.

With fame and fortune pouring in, Sean’s name has been linked to several gorgeous celebrity women over the years, yet he remains unmarried without children currently. But fatherhood appears to be on the popular rapper’s horizon.

Big Sean’s Past Relationships

Big Sean has enjoyed relatively high-profile romances so far in his career. Here’s an overview and timeline:

Ashley Marie – Early girlfriend for several years, rumored to begin around 2007. Marie is now a model and entrepreneur.

Naya Rivera – The late actress and Big Sean were engaged in 2013 before splitting up in 2014 amid cheating rumors.

Ariana Grande – Pop superstar Ariana and Sean dated for about 8 months, getting together around 2015 before things fizzled out.

Jhené Aiko – Sean confirmed relationship with R&B songstress Jhené Aiko from 2016 to early 2019 spanning his late 20s. This seemed to be his most serious relationship before current girlfriend Jordyn Wynn.

Despite dating famous women like singers and actresses, none of Big Sean’s past relationships have resulted in marriage or children as yet. But in interviews over the years, he’s been vocal about eventually wanting a family.

Big Sean’s Hopes for Fatherhood

Though his music career keeps him extremely busy touring the world and recording, Big Sean has hinted since his late 20s that becoming a dad is a key goal. Back in 2015 he stated “I can’t wait to have a family. That’s like my main dream.”

Sources suggest Big Sean loves interacting with young kids when given the chance. And though it scared him being so young when discussions of children and marriage arose in past relationships, since entering his 30s it seems more aligned with his lifestyle visions.

In newer songs Sean makes numerous references to princesses and queens, assumed to be inspired by current girlfriend Jordyn Wynn who may be pulling double duty as his muse and potential future mother of his children.

So How Many Kids Does Big Sean Have?

As of early 2023 – acclaimed rapper Big Sean does not yet have any children. But nearing his mid-30s with over a decade entrenched in the music business under his belt, Sean has indicated he would like to settle down and become a dad within the next few years.

Fans curious about Sean’s personal growth behind the scenes will have to stay tuned to if baby news emerges at some point for the prominent Detroit hitmaker!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some quick answers to common questions surrounding Big Sean’s current family situation:

Who is Big Sean dating right now?

Big Sean has been romantically tied to social media model Jordyn Wynn for the past year.

Has Big Sean been engaged before?

Yes, to Glee actress Naya Rivera for a short period before splitting up in 2014.

What happened with Jhené Aiko and Big Sean?

They were a couple from 2016-2019 before apparently deciding to just remain friends and music collaborators.

How old is the rapper Big Sean?

As of 2023 Big Sean is 34 years old.

Does Sean ever plan to get married?

He appears open to it with current girlfriend Jordyn if their relationship progresses further towards engagement & marriage.

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