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AKA, real name Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, is one of the most prominent rappers and musicians in South Africa. Since bursting onto the hip hop scene in the early 2000s, AKA has achieved tremendous success, winning many awards and releasing several acclaimed albums. But when he’s not making music, AKA spends time with his family, including two young children. So how many kids does AKA have?

AKA’s Music Career Beginnings

AKA was born in Cape Town in 1988 and showed a passion for rapping and producing from a young age. He started performing under the name Kool Kid K before changing it to AKA in 2006. His first big hit was “Victory Lap” in 2009.

After signing with Sony Music, AKA released his debut album Alter Ego in 2011. It earned him Best Male Artist and Best Hip Hop Album at the South African Music Awards. More successful albums like Level’s and Touch My Blood cemented him as one of South Africa’s most popular musicians.

Beyond his solo work, AKA has founded his own record label, Beam Group, and selective clothing line, VIVID. He continues to score hits and collaborate with artists like Burna Boy, Yanga Chief, and Nasty C.

AKA’s High-Profile Relationship with DJ Zinhle

While building his music career, AKA was in a long-term relationship with popular DJ and musician DJ Zinhle. The two were South Africa’s “it” couple from 2014 to 2015 before going through a public breakup. During their time together, AKA and DJ Zinhle had a daughter.

Even after separating, AKA and DJ Zinhle continued to co-parent their child. They’ve shown an amicable co-parenting relationship and worked through their challenges. Both parents remain very involved in raising their daughter.

AKA’s Daughter Kairo Forbes

So how many biological children does AKA have? The rapper has one daughter named Kairo Forbes. She was born in July 2015 to AKA and his then-girlfriend, DJ Zinhle. Her birth was featured on DJ Zinhle’s reality show.

AKA is a doting, devoted father to little Kairo. He’s shared many sweet moments with her publicly, from celebrating birthdays to giving her her own Mercedes Benz ride-on car. The rapper often brings Kairo on stage at his shows.

It’s clear AKA prioritizes time with Kairo amongst his busy music schedule. He’s proudly called her his greatest motivator and the one who changed his life. Now 7 years old, Kairo remains AKA’s only biological child.

AKA’s Step-Father Relationship with DJ Zinhle’s Second Child

In addition to their daughter Kairo, AKA has also taken on a step-father role with DJ Zinhle’s second daughter. DJ Zinhle had another baby, Asante, with another partner in September 2017.

Though AKA and Zinhle were broken up by then, the rapper still embraced a step-dad role in Asante’s life. He’s posted lovingly about her on social media and treats her like his own. Asante’s father is businessman Murdah Bongz.

Still, AKA seems to have a close bond with both of DJ Zinhle’s girls and supports them however he can. He prioritizes being a present, caring father figure in their lives.


In summary, South African rap superstar AKA has one biological daughter named Kairo, born in 2015 to ex-girlfriend DJ Zinhle. He co-parents Kairo with Zinhle and also has a step-father relationship with her second daughter Asante.

Though AKA has achieved massive success in the music industry, he has shared that fatherhood is his proudest role. He dotes on his daughter Kairo and keeps family at the center of his world.

Frequently Asked Questions about AKA’s Kids

Here are some common FAQs about AKA’s family situation:

How old is AKA’s daughter Kairo?

Kairo Forbes was born in July 2015. As of 2023, she is around 7 or 8 years old.

Does AKA have full custody of his daughter?

No, AKA shares joint custody of Kairo with her mother, DJ Zinhle. They co-parent their daughter.

What is the name of DJ Zinhle’s other daughter?

Asante is the name of DJ Zinhle’s second daughter with partner Murdah Bongz. AKA acts as a step-father to Asante.

Is AKA still in a relationship with DJ Zinhle?

No, AKA and DJ Zinhle broke up in 2015 shortly after Kairo’s birth. They maintain an amicable co-parenting relationship.

Who is raising Kairo?

Kairo splits her time between mom DJ Zinhle’s and dad AKA’s homes. Both parents are very involved in raising her.

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