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Adele is one of the most successful and beloved pop singers of the past two decades. Known for emotional power ballads like “Hello” and “Someone Like You,” the British songstress has dominated charts and touched millions with her golden voice. Offstage, Adele cherishes her role as a mother. So how many kids does global superstar Adele have?

Adele has one child – a son named Angelo born in 2012. She co-parents Angelo with her ex-husband Simon Konecki in Los Angeles. Keep reading for more on Adele’s life and family away from the spotlight.

Brief Overview of Adele’s Career

Before diving into the details on her son, here’s a recap of Adele’s meteoric career:

  • Born Adele Laurie Blue Adkins on May 5, 1988 in London, England. Rose to fame with debut album 19 and hit “Chasing Pavements” in 2008.
  • Massive success with sophomore album 21 containing “Rolling in the Deep” and “Someone Like You.” It is one of the best-selling albums ever.
  • Won numerous Grammys, Brit Awards and an Oscar for James Bond theme song “Skyfall.” Known for her emotional songs and strong vocals.
  • After taking a hiatus, made her musical comeback in 2021 with album 30 featuring hit single “Easy On Me.”

Now onto Adele’s home life and only child.

Adele’s Son Angelo Adkins

On October 19, 2012, Adele gave birth to her first child Angelo James Konecki, with then-boyfriend Simon Konecki.

Angelo was born in London before Adele relocated to Los Angeles. He is now 10 years old. His middle name James is after Adele’s grandfather.

Adele closely guards Angelo’s privacy but has described him as “the love of my life.” She even thanked Angelo before her own parents at the Grammys!

Co-Parenting After Divorce

Adele and Simon Konecki, an entrepreneur and charity CEO, married in 2016 after several years together. However, they announced their divorce in April 2019 after nearly 8 years as a couple.

Despite the split, Adele has emphasized that Angelo remains her and Simon’s priority. They amicably share joint custody.

“We’re doing our best – learning it as we go along,” Adele told Vogue about co-parenting post-divorce.

Protecting Angelo’s Privacy

As one of the most famous people in the world, Adele goes to great lengths to shield her son Angelo and provide him with a normal childhood.

She rarely posts photos of him on social media and has declined millions of dollars worth of publicity opportunities to avoid putting Angelo in the spotlight before he is old enough to consent.

In interviews, Adele emphasizes that Angelo has his own interests separate from her fame and musical success. She hopes he can develop into his own person.

Adele’s Life as a Mom

By many accounts, parenthood seems to have softened some of Adele’s rougher edges and helped ground her amidst massive career highs.

She says Angelo helped her survive immense grief after she lost her grandfather and recovered from vocal issues.

Despite her staggering fame, those close to Adele say her top priority remains being the best mom possible to her greatest joy, Angelo.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adele’s Son

Here are some common questions about Adele’s family situation:

How many kids does Adele have?

Adele has one child – a son named Angelo born in 2012. He is her only child so far.

Who is Angelo’s father?

Angelo’s father is Simon Konecki – entrepreneur and co-founder of charity Drop4Drop. Adele and Simon divorced in 2019 after 7 years together.

How old is Adele’s son now?

Angelo was born in October 2012. As of late 2022, he is around 10 years old.

Where does Angelo live primarily?

He lives mainly with his mother Adele in Los Angeles. She moved him there after relocating from England.

Is Angelo kept out of the spotlight?

Yes, Adele is very protective of her son’s privacy and keeps him largely shielded from her fame.

In summary, global superstar singer Adele has one child – a son named Angelo – with ex-husband Simon Konecki. Though no longer a couple, they co-parent Angelo in L.A. where Adele gives him a loving home.

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