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Unveiling Aamir Khan’s Personal Life: Meet His Children

Aamir Khan, often dubbed as the “Mr. Perfectionist” of Bollywood, has captivated audiences worldwide with his powerful performances. But apart from his illustrious career, how much do we know about his personal life, especially when asked, “How many kids does Aamir Khan have?”

Aamir Khan: A Snapshot

Aamir Khan, known for his commitment to his craft, has made significant contributions to Indian cinema. While his work is widely appreciated, he also maintains a loving family life away from the cameras.

Aamir Khan’s Offspring

Aamir Khan is a father to three children – Junaid Khan, Ira Khan, and Azad Rao Khan.

Junaid Khan

Junaid, Aamir’s eldest child from his first marriage to Reena Dutta, has shown interest in the film industry. He’s currently pursuing a career behind the scenes and has even assisted in directing some films.

Ira Khan

Ira Khan, Aamir’s only daughter, is a talented artist. Although not directly involved in films, she made her directorial debut in theater with a play titled ‘Euripides’ Medea’.

Azad Rao Khan

The youngest addition to Aamir Khan’s family is Azad Rao Khan, his son with second wife Kiran Rao. Azad, being quite young, is currently focused on his schooling.

Aamir Khan: The Family Man

Away from the spotlight, Aamir Khan is a loving father who prioritizes his children. He often shares moments of quality time spent with them. So, when asked “How many kids does Aamir Khan have?” – the answer is three: Junaid, Ira, and Azad.


Q: How many kids does Aamir Khan have?

A: Aamir Khan has three children: Junaid Khan, Ira Khan, and Azad Rao Khan.

Q: Who is Aamir Khan’s first wife?

A: Aamir Khan’s first wife is Reena Dutta, with whom he has two children, Junaid and Ira.

Q: Who is Aamir Khan’s second wife?

A: Aamir Khan’s second wife is Kiran Rao, a renowned film producer. They have a son together, Azad Rao Khan.

Q: What do Aamir Khan’s children do?

A: Junaid Khan is involved in film direction, Ira Khan is a theater director, and Azad Rao Khan, being young, is currently in school.

Q: Has Junaid Khan acted in any movies?

A: Junaid Khan has yet to make his acting debut; he’s primarily worked behind the scenes as an assistant director.


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