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Inside the Rap Mogul’s Family

Global rap superstar 50 Cent has two children – a son named Marquise born in 1997, and another son named Sire born in 2012. While 50 Cent has achieved massive success in music and business over his storied career, he has admittedly struggled in his experiences as a father at times.

Still, the iconic artist does have a relationship with both sons as they enter adulthood, despite complicated past issues with their mothers.

So the official 50 Cent kids are:

  • Marquise Jackson (Born 1997)
  • Sire Jackson (Born 2012)

Now almost 50 years old himself, 50 Cent focuses business ventures and new music releases while keeping connections to his growing boys cordial.

Early Music Career and First Son’s Birth

50 Cent, named Curtis Jackson III at birth, first made a name for himself in underground East Coast hip hop circles in the late 1990s with mixtapes leading up to his 2000 debut album “Power of the Dollar”.

But just as his mainstream success was budding, tragedy struck when 50 Cent was shot 9 times in 2000. He managed to recover, but found his son Marquise had already been born in October 1997 while he was immersed in the music scene.

Marquise’s mother is Shaniqua Tompkins, a childhood girlfriend 50 Cent had an on-off relationship with from junior high through his early rapping days. But 50 and Shaniqua clashed intensely over the years co-parenting Marquise.

In fact their stormy disagreements and accusations against each other through the press and legal filings became tabloid gossip blog fodder for years. This greatly impacted 50’s relationship with his eldest boy.

Raising Son Sire After Fame and Fortune

After signing a record-breaking deal with Eminem and Dr. Dre’s label, 50 Cent finally achieved his big break when 2002’s “In Da Club” put him on the map commercially. His first two albums, 2003’s “Get Rich or Die Tryin’ ” and 2005’s “The Massacre”, cemented 50 Cent as a globally-dominant rap star now worth over $30 million.

During the peak of his fame around 2010, 50 Cent briefly dated model Daphne Joy resulting in the birth of his second son Sire Jackson in September 2012. Learning from past mistakes, 50 makes sure to financially provide well for boy while leaving the direct rearing to Daphne in California with regular visits.

While 50 has had well-publicized feuds fueling his music, when it comes to his sons he aims for a drama-free relationship. This starts with reasonable child support arrangements to bankroll both kids’ futures, putting aside tensions with their mothers.

Now with almost grown children reaching adulthood and pursuing their own creative passions like music and film, 50 Cent can focus on his prolific business portfolio including television production. But the influential hip hop legend still keeps close ties to his boys.

What His Sons Are Up To Now

Despite the unconventional childhoods tied to their famous rapper dad’s legal issues, scandalous relationships and intimidating public image, 50 Cent’s sons have grown into talented, driven young adults forging their own paths:

  • Marquise Jackson, 25, stays affiliated with the music industry as an emerging rapper using the nickname “25 Cent” while occasionally appearing in tabloid feuds with his father.
  • Sire Jackson, only 11 years old as of 2022, maintains a quieter life residing with mother Daphne Joy. But he reportedly aspires to work in film production someday.

It’s clear that while 50 Cent encountered obstacles on learning fatherhood himself, he managed to raise two kids positioned for success carrying on his creative legacy.

Key Facts on 50 Cent’s Children

  • Has 2 sons total – Marquise Jackson (1997) and Sire Jackson (2012)
  • Mothers are Shaniqua Tompkins and Daphne Joy respectively
  • Infamously strained relationship with Marquise’s mom
  • Both kids aspire entertainment industry careers themselves
  • Privately provides for sons while limiting public exposure

Frequently Asked Questions About 50 Cent’s Kids

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

What happened between 50 Cent and Marquise Jackson’s mother?

50 Cent had a famously toxic split from Shaniqua Tompkins, mother of his first son Marquise, filled with domestic abuse allegations and lawsuits over child support and broken promises.

How old is 50 Cent’s youngest son Sire?

As of 2022, 50 Cent’s second son Sire Jackson is around 11 years old, having been born in September 2012 from casual relationship with model Daphne Joy.

Who has custody of 50 Cent’s children?

Marquise resides with his mother Shaniqua while Sire lives primarily in California with his mother Daphne. 50 Cent financially provides for both kids but is not the custodial guardian.

Does 50 Cent have a good relationship with his sons?

50 admittedly has a strained relationship with elder son Marquise. But he aims for open communication with Sire living farther away. Reports on current closeness vary over the years.

What are 50 Cent’s kids named?

50 Cent’s first son is named Marquise Jackson, while his younger son goes by Sire Jackson. Both kids actually favor their famous father in looks quite strongly.

In summary, iconic rap mogul 50 Cent has two sons conceived from previous relationships who are now growing into adulthood and pursuing creative passions themselves.

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