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The Radford family of Morecambe, England holds the distinction of being Britain’s largest family. Parents Sue and Noel Radford have welcomed an astonishing number of children over the last few decades. But just how many kids do the Radfords have in total?

Sue and Noel Radford have a whopping 22 children together, ranging in age from mid-20s down to infants. Though raising such a massive brood has its challenges, the Radfords have become celebrities in the UK for their supersized family.

Sue and Noel Radford’s Path to a Huge Family

Noel and Sue Radford met as teenagers and had their first child when Sue was only 14 years old. They married four years later in 1993 when Sue turned 18.

The young couple was determined to have a large family, especially Noel – one of seven children himself. Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, they continued having kids close in age.

While the children all have Noel’s last name, some are biological and some adopted. After their 15th baby was born, Sue had her fallopian tubes tied. However, she later regretted the decision and had the procedure reversed so they could have even more kids!

So How Big is the Radford Family?

So exactly how many children make up the massive Radford family? Noel and Sue Radford have had 22 births resulting in 19 kids living at home currently. Here’s the rundown:

  • Chris, 32 years old
  • Sophie, 27 years old
  • Chloe, 26 years old
  • Jack, 24 years old
  • Daniel, 22 years old
  • Luke, 21 years old
  • Millie, 20 years old
  • Katie, 19 years old
  • James, 18 years old
  • Ellie, 16 years old
  • Aimee, 15 years old
  • Josh, 14 years old
  • Max, 12 years old
  • Tillie, 11 years old
  • Oscar, 10 years old
  • Casper, 9 years old
  • Hallie, 6 years old
  • Phoebe, 5 years old
  • Archie, 4 years old
  • Bonnie, 2 years old
  • Heidie, 1 year old

Sadly, Noel and Sue also had three children pass away shortly after birth – 14th child Alfie, 17th child Ruben, and 22nd child Bonnie. But the surviving 19 Radford kids still make them Britain’s biggest family!

Life in Their Giant Household

Bringing up nearly 20 kids under one roof requires some special logistics! Noel Radford owns a bakery which helps provide for the family.

The Radfords live in a 10-bed former nursing home in Lancaster. Each child has household responsibilities like cooking and cleaning. Basic costs for the family can surpass $42,000 annually.

Sue homeschools the younger children. Despite the chaos, she and Noel insist they want even more kids if possible!

The Radfords share an inside look at their supersized family through their popular YouTube channel and TV show. Fans love following their jumbo-sized home life.


In summary, Sue and Noel Radford have a total of 22 children together, making them Britain’s largest family. After experiencing some losses, they are now parenting 19 of their kids under one roof – an astonishing number!

Though raising nearly 20 children has unique challenges, the Radfords take great joy in their massive family. They continue to share their amazing mega-family journey with fans. Just don’t forget – however many you think the Radfords have, they almost certainly have even more kids!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Radford Family

Q: How many biological children do Noel and Sue have together?

A: They have birthed 22 children, though 3 sadly passed away.

Q: How many kids make up their current family?

A: The Radfords now have 19 children together living at home.

Q: What are the age ranges of their large brood?

A: Their kids range from 32 years down to 1 year old.

Q: How do the Radfords afford such a large family?

A: Noel owns a bakery and Sue helps run it. They rely largely on his income.

Q: Where does the Radford mega-family live?

A: They reside in Morecambe, England in a former nursing home.

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