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The Derrico family became well-known through their reality show Doubling Down with the Derricos on TLC. Parents Deon and Karen Derrico have a whopping 14 kids. So exactly how many children do the Derricos have?

Deon and Karen Derrico are parents to nine sets of multiples including twins, triplets, and quadruplets! Their kids range in age from toddler to teenager. Keep reading for more on each of the 14 Derrico children.

Overview of the Derricos and Their Show

Before getting into all of their kids, here’s some background on the Derricos:

  • Deon and Karen Derrico live with their family in Las Vegas, Nevada. Deon works in real estate.
  • The Derricos dramatically expanded their family through multiple births from 2009 to 2021.
  • Their show Doubling Down with the Derricos premiered in 2020 and documents their life with 14 kids. It is currently airing its 4th season on TLC.
  • The family manages their large household with military precision and teamwork.

Now on to the Derricos’ 14 children!

Derrick Derrico (Twins)

The Derricos’ twin sons Derrick and Dallas were their first babies, born in 2009. Now teenagers, Derrick and Dallas help out around the house and set an example for the younger siblings.

The 13-year-old twins attend West Career & Technical Academy in Las Vegas where they play basketball and football.

Dallas Derrico (Twins)

Along with his twin Derrick, Dallas was part of the first set of multiples for Deon and Karen back in 2009.

Like his twin brother, Dallas is now a teenager attending West Career & Technical Academy. He shares a room with Derrick and helps care for the younger kids.

Deniko Derrico (Triplets)

The Derricos expanded their family in 2011 when Karen gave birth to triplets Deniko, Dariz, and Denver.

Deniko is now 11 years old. He attends the same school as his older twin brothers Derrick and Dallas where he plays soccer.

Dariz Derrico (Triplets)

Dariz is Deniko’s triplet and is also now 11 years old. The young and energetic Dariz attends school with his multiple brothers.

At home, Dariz is assigned cleaning duties by his meticulous parents. He has a passion for music and loves reggae.

Denver Derrico (Triplets)

Rounding out the triplet trio is Denver, born in 2011 with brothers Deniko and Dariz.

Denver is said to have a quirky, mischievous personality. Like Dariz, he is responsible for cleaning at home when assigned by his parents.

Diez and Dior Derrico (Quads)

In 2013, Karen gave birth to quadruplets Diez, Dior, Dawsyn, and Dyver. Diez and Dior are fraternal twins.

Energetic Diez and Dior are now 9 years old. The twins attend Doris Hancock Elementary School.

Dawsyn and Dyver Derrico (Quads)

Dawsyn and Dyver are identical twins born in 2013 along with quadruplets Diez and Dior.

The two 9-year-old boys have distinct personalities—Dawsyn is more reserved while Dyver is outgoing. But they share a love of superheroes and video games.

They attend Doris Hancock Elementary with their quad siblings Diez and Dior.

Deonee, Daician and Dariel Derrico (Triplets)

In 2016, the Derricos expanded their family again with another set of triplets – Deonee, Daician and Dariel, who all have names starting with D like their siblings.

These energetic triplets are now 6 years old. They attend Doris Hancock Elementary School.

Daiten, Denae and Donna Derrico (Triplets)

Just a year after welcoming triplets Deonee, Daician and Dariel, Karen gave birth to another set of triplets in 2017 – Daiten, Denae and Donna.

The toddler triplets are now 5 years old. They attend preschool together and keep their parents and siblings busy at home.

Dakato, Diggy & Diem Derrico (Triplets)

In 2021, the Derricos completed their family with their ninth set of multiples – new triplets Dakato, Diggy and Diem.

The baby triplets were born in January 2021. They just celebrated their 2nd birthdays.

Large Family Life in Las Vegas

With six sets of multiples and 14 kids total spanning toddler to teens, daily life for the Derricos is always hectic!

The family owns a large five-bedroom house with kids rooming together. Keeping everything running smoothly takes military precision and teamwork from all the Derricos.

While challenging at times, Deon and Karen feel incredibly blessed and say the positives outweigh the negatives when it comes to their supersized family!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Derricos’ Kids

Here are some common questions people have about the Derrico family:

How many biological children do Deon and Karen have together?

Deon and Karen Derrico have 14 biological children together – all multiples including twins, triplets and quadruplets.

How are the Derrico kids divided up in age?

The oldest Derrico kids are two sets of twins, 13-year-old Derrick/Dallas and 11-year-old Deniko/Dariz/Denver. The younger kids include two sets of 9-year-old quads and three sets of triplets ages 6, 5 and 2.

Do all the Derrico kids have names that start with D?

Yes – all 14 of the Derrico kids have first names that start with the letter D.

What school do the older Derrico kids attend?

The four oldest twins and triplets attend West Career & Technical Academy Middle School in Las Vegas. The younger elementary-aged kids go to Doris Hancock Elementary School.

How can the Derricos afford such a large family?

Deon Derrico’s career in real estate provides their main source of income, in addition to revenue from their reality show. They buy in bulk and budget carefully.

In summary, through almost a decade of multiple births, Deon and Karen Derrico now have 14 children ranging from toddlers to teenagers. Fans continue tuning in to their popular reality show on TLC to see how this supersized family makes it all work!

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