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Rihanna is one of music’s biggest global superstars of the last 20 years. With chart-topping hits like “Umbrella,” “Diamonds,” and “Love on the Brain,” she has also expanded her brand into fashion, beauty, and more as one of the most influential cultural icons in the world. But in 2022, Rihanna took on her most important role yet – first-time motherhood. So how many kids does mega-celeb Rihanna have so far?

Rihanna Has One Child

As of 2023, Rihanna has one child – a son she welcomed in May 2022 with partner, rapper ASAP Rocky. The famously private couple kept Rihanna’s pregnancy under wraps for months before revealing her growing baby bump in iconic street style maternity looks as she entered her third trimester that winter.

On May 13, 2022, Rihanna gave birth to the couple’s first child together in Los Angeles. But the new parents have chosen to keep their infant son’s name private for now and guard his identity from the public sphere. Still, Rihanna often speaks warmly about embarking on motherhood and what a profound experience it has been so far despite her busy career empire.

It’s possible more children could one day join Rihanna’s son to make her family even bigger. But for now, the music icon is lovingly raising one baby boy alongside her longtime partner A$AP Rocky.

Rihanna’s Relationship with ASAP Rocky

Rihanna and ASAP Rocky’s relationship turned romantic in 2020 after years of friendship and musical collaboration. Rumors of a hot new couple in the entertainment world sparked after the hip hop stars were spotted together in Barbados, Rihanna’s home country.

By 2021, ASAP Rocky was referring to Rihanna as “the love of my life” in interviews. That same year, Rocky also admitted he absolutely hoped to be a father himself someday soon.

Rihanna spoke on their natural transition from friends to soulmates:

“It’s only natural that we’re gonna be together on the road. We’re eating together, we’re sleeping together, we’re working together. We even pray together.”

So far, the couple appears to be flourishing while balancing their red hot music careers with raising baby boy – Rihanna’s very first child so far.

Balancing Motherhood and Music

Even while parenting her infant son born in 2022, fans are eagerly awaiting new music from Rihanna someday soon. Her last studio album, Anti, came out over six years ago in 2016. Rihanna has addressed making her long-anticipated ninth album while adjusting to motherhood:

“When you become a mom, there’s something that just happens where you feel like you can take on the world – you can do anything!”

“The balance looks to different to me ever since I had my baby. But I love being a mom!” Rihanna added about her new #1 job these days.

So whether she ends up adding more babies to her family or not, it’s clear Rihanna is absolutely loving life as both a global music icon and doting new mom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Rihanna from originally?

Rihanna was born and raised in Saint Michael Parish on the Caribbean island nation of Barbados before moving to the United States as a teenager to pursue music.

What’s Rihanna’s son’s name?

As of early 2023, Rihanna and ASAP Rocky have chosen to keep their baby boy’s name private and away from the public eye.

How old was Rihanna when she had her first baby?

Rihanna gave birth to her first child at age 34 in May 2022 with partner ASAP Rocky.

Has Rihanna talked about having more kids?

While in a committed long-term romance with Rocky, Rihanna has left the door open to having more children someday past her firstborn son.

Is Rihanna married to ASAP Rocky?

No, Rihanna and ASAP Rocky have been in a relationship since 2020 but are not currently married as of early 2023.


With over 250 million records sold, Rihanna has undoubtedly earned her place as a pop culture icon for the ages. But in 2022 the “Umbrella” chart-topper added the most precious role to her resume yet – first-time mother. She and partner rapper ASAP Rocky are currently embracing life as new parents to their infant son, whose name they’ve kept carefully private within their family bubble for now.

Rihanna continues blazing her own trail whether with smash hit singles or cutting edge maternity looks on the sidewalks of LA. And judging by her glowing words about her new baby boy, little “Baby Rocky” will only add more shine and boundless inspiration to the artist’s next era – one surely full of both memorable tunes and lots more precious family moments.

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