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Baton Rouge-bred rap prodigy NBA YoungBoy Never Broke Again made a name for himself with breakout mixtapes starting around 2015 at just 16 years old. In addition to hit albums and singles, a good deal of attention towards the hip hop phenom stems from his very complex personal life. Namely, NBA YoungBoy is already father to an eye-popping number of children at only 23 years old in 2023.

NBA YoungBoy Has 8 Confirmed Kids

According to multiple reports tracking his family dynamic, NBA YoungBoy has welcomed 8 children into the world so far by early 2023:

Per usual hip hop tabloids, more babies from additional women connected to him may still also come forward in future. But eight kids aged six and under is already plenty stacked on YoungBoy’s crowded plate.

6 Confirmed Mothers Across His Children

Further compounding the convoluted nature of his personal affairs, NBA YoungBoy has already conceived kids with at least six confirmed women over just a few years:

  • Kaylyn Marie Gaulden – sons Kamron and Kacey
  • Nisha – daughter born 2022
  • Drea Symone – daughter born 2022
  • Jazlyn Mychelle – son born 2022
  • unknown baby mama – second son born 2022

Previous relationships with Jania Bania, Iyanna Mayweather and others have sparked pregnancy rumors too but not yet materialized. But at just 23, NBA YoungBoy could plausibly keep reproducing at pace for years to come still.

Motivations Behind His Many Kids

With eight kids already to his name in his early twenties, the obvious question becomes – why so many, so fast for NBA YoungBoy? And does he purposefully try to have so many children?

Based on his own lyrics and artist persona, several driving factors seem plausible:

  • Growing up without his birth father present, feeling determined to break that cycle
  • General lack of consistent family structure during childhood ever-present
  • Cultural norms of his community and rap circles emphasizing machismo
  • Rumored desire to birth his own talented rap group one day

Regardless, it is clear that both making hit music and creating a huge family motivate the meteoric trap star on a profound level.

FAQs About NBA YoungBoy’s Kids:

Does NBA YoungBoy have full custody of his kids?

He appears to co-parent his existing seven older children across their various mothers’ households currently.

What are the names of NBA YoungBoy’s baby mamas?

His past and present confirmed baby mamas are Kaylyn Marie Gaulden, Iyanna Mayweather, Jazlyn Mychelle, Drea Symone, and Nisha among potential others unconfirmed.

Where does YoungBoy Never Broke Again live?

NBA YoungBoy resides primarily around Baton Rouge these days when not touring or handling legal matters, nearby most of his children.

How much does YoungBoy Never Broke Again pay in child support?

Likely several thousand dollars monthly per Louisiana guidelines for his many children, on top of covering lavish gifts, schooling, medical expenses and more based on his multimillion income.

Does NBA YoungBoy have custody of any kids?

While exact arrangements are unclear publicly, YoungBoy is not believed to have full legal or physical custody of any children yet as of early 2023.

Still at just 23 years old, NBA YoungBoy has already accumulated eight confirmed young children by nearly as many mothers. How he balances his chaotic rap career and legal issues with fatherhood duties to a stacked household should remain complicated but well-documented for years to come.

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