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Introduction to Kim and Kanye’s Family

Reality tv icon Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West make up one of Hollywood’s biggest power couples. After years of friendship, the longtime pals began dating in 2012 and welcomed their first child North in 2013.

Following an extravagant wedding in 2014, they rapidly expanded the West crew three more times with kids Saint, Chicago and Psalm.

So how many little ones make up Kimye’s picture-perfect posse? Let’s meet the products of Kim and Kanye’s adoration, and the ones who make life fabulous and oh so cute for the fashionable pair.

North West: Kim & Kanye’s First-Born Daughter

Arriving June 15, 2013, North “Nori” West is Kim and Kanye’s oldest child. As the firstborn Kardashian grandkid of Kris Jenner’s brood, North has always been a pampered princess and a trending topic on her mom’s social media feeds.

From lavish birthday bashes to overseas adventures in Paris and beyond, Nori travels the world in finest designer garb with her family. Reports even claim North has her own $100,000 designer wardrobe courtesy of labels like Gucci and Balmain. Not too shabby for an elementary schooler!

With her curly cuteness and bold personality, 8-year-old North West has Kim’s fashion flair and Kanye’s big ego.

Meet Saint West: Kimye’s Second Baby Is the King of Swagger

The Kardashian kingdom crowned a little prince on December 5, 2015 when Saint West entered the spotlight. As the youngest boy in a sister sandwich, Saint rules his own style between fiery North and precious Chi.

His name certainly invokes royalty, though the tots call him “Sainty” for short. Like his rap star dad, the kiddo carries himself with a swag well beyond his years. While Saint loves Xboxes and basketballs, he also embraces tea parties with his sisters sharing Kim’s affinity for glam.

With epic birthday parties and regular features on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, almost 6-year-old Saint West enjoys the lavish lifestyle of a modern day monarch holding court.

Chicago West Joined the Family in 2018

As Kim long dreamed, she added a precious “Chi” to the clan on January 15, 2018 – daughter Chicago West. Also known by her fitting city nickname Chi (shy), the lively lady will turn 5 this year.

The tiny talent has already mastered her photo poses and diva demands like a Kardashian woman. Some speculate her middle name Noel indicates godparent Chrissy Teigen may have carried her as Kim’s surrogate.

Beyond beauty and bounds, little Chicago’s personality shines brightly on social media and the family’s new reality series. She sticks close to mama Kim while learning to navigate fame and drama-filled Hollywood happenings.

Psalm West Arrived in 2019 to Complete Kimye’s Crew

Psalm West arrived May 9, 2019 as the final West child born of surrogacy. His biblical name reflects the religious influence Kanye embraced in recent years through his Sunday Services.

While Psalm largely avoids cameras, his siblings and parents still shower him with love. As the baby boy of four, Kim and Kanye also call him “Ye”. Little Psalmy shares his dad’s inquisitiveness along with big sisters to dote over him.

Having recently turned three years old, the tiniest West rounds out Kim and Kanye’s peek at perfect progeny…for now!

So Kim and Kanye Have 4 Children Total

To recap – Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have welcomed four young children into their very elite celebrity circle:

  • Daughter North “Nori” West, born June 15, 2013
  • Son Saint West, born December 5, 2015
  • Daughter Chicago “Chi” West, born January 15, 2018
  • Son Psalm West, born May 9, 2019

The precious crew includes two girls and two boys ranging from age 3 to 8 as of early 2023.

While Kimye’s romance didn’t survive long term, their shared commitment to co-parenting their quartet of kids continues on.

Will Kim and Kanye Have More Children?

During her younger years, Kim mentioned in interviews wanting a large family of perhaps 6 children total. But after 4 complicated pregnancies and surrogacy journeys, combined with her now-ended marriage, Kim seems content…though never say never.

In 2021, Kim told Ellen Degeneres she feels “blessed” with her four but would consider trying for one more baby. However, the chaos of her public divorce from Kanye West stalled discussions for the time being.

As co-parents apart now, it looks unlikely Kim and Kanye will purposely conceive together again. That said, should Kim marry and start a new family someday, any additional kids would join her original West crew for an even bigger bunch!

Frequently Asked Questions About the West Family of Kimye

Here are answers to some other burning questions pop culture fans have about the products of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s love:

Do North and Saint West Get Along?

While all sibs spar sometimes, oldest kids North and Saint reportedly have a tight, loving bond. As kids close in age, they often pair up as partners in West-related antics and adventures.

Does Kim Use a Nanny With Her Kids?

Yes, with their hectic careers the West household operates with trusted helpers including nannies and assistants. Longtime caretaker Tracy Romulus is close to the kids. Kim’s sisters also chip in regularly with babysitting duties.

Who Has Custody of Kim and Kanye’s Kids After Split?

Kim and Kanye agreed to joint custody with the kids continuing to live at Kim’s Hidden Hills mansion as their home base. But the kids split time at dad Kanye’s nearby ranch residence too.

Do Chicago and Psalm Have a Strong Connection?

As babies of the family now both over toddlerhood, Chicago and Psalm do share a sweet bond. Photos show Chi caring for her little brother like a bonus mommy.

What School Do Kimye’s Kids Attend?

The four oldest West kids attend a private school created by Kim and Kanye themselves in Simi Valley, California! The academy maintains stability, values and security tailored for their needs.

So while Kim Kardashian and Kanye West found love complicated for themselves, their lasting legacy endures through a precious four-pack of kids destined to make waves however they wander the world ahead!

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