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Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous celebrities of the 21st century. The reality TV star turned business mogul has lived much of her life in the public eye. She frequently shares glimpses into her personal life with fans, including her journey into motherhood. So how many kids does mega-star Kim Kardashian have?

In total, Kim Kardashian has four children – daughter North, son Saint, daughter Chicago, and son Psalm. She had all four kids with her ex-husband, rapper Kanye West, during their nearly seven year marriage. Read on for more about Kim Kardashian’s family life and kids.

Kim Kardashian’s Marriage to Kanye West

To understand the context around her children, here is background on Kim Kardashian’s relationship with Kanye West:

  • Kim and Kanye first met in the early 2000s and became friends, then began dating in 2012.
  • They got married on May 24, 2014 in a lavish ceremony in Florence, Italy after Kanye proposed.
  • The couple welcomed their first two children North and Saint while married.
  • In late 2015, Kim had pregnancy complications with their unborn son Saint. But she eventually gave birth to their second child.
  • Daughter Chicago and son Psalm were later born via surrogate in 2018 and 2019.
  • After months of rumors, Kim filed for divorce in February 2021 after nearly seven years of marriage.
  • They were declared legally single in March 2022 and agreed to joint custody of their four kids.

Next let’s look at Kim Kardashian’s four children in order of their birth.

North “Nori” West – Kim’s Eldest Daughter

North “Nori” West is Kim Kardashian’s first child with Kanye West, born on June 15, 2013. Her distinctive name quickly made headlines. As the eldest sibling, her birth marked Kim’s official transition into motherhood.

Now nine years old, Kim describes North as the perfect mix of her and Kanye’s personalities – outgoing with a creative streak and bold sense of style. She makes frequent appearances on Kim’s social media showing off their twinning fashion.

Saint West – Kim’s First Son

Saint West is Kim and Kanye’s first son, born on December 5, 2015. His name reflects Kim’s challenging pregnancy before his birth, as she considered him her blessing.

Now seven, Saint is said to be more shy than his big sister North. But he too has inherited his parents’ flair for fashion. Kim loves to coordinate matching outfits for her eldest kids and share cute sibling moments.

Chicago “Chi” West – Youngest Daughter

Due to more pregnancy complications, Kim used a gestational carrier for her third child, Chicago “Chi” West, born January 15, 2018. The name pays homage to Kanye’s hometown of Chicago.

At just five years old, Chicago’s personality is still shining through. Kim describes her as calm and chill compared to big sister North. Her middle name is Noel after Kim’s late father, Robert.

Psalm West – Kim’s Youngest

Psalm West is the youngest of Kim Kardashian’s kids, born May 9, 2019 also via surrogate. His biblical name reflects spirituality and faith.

As the baby of the family, Psalm relies on his siblings to show him the ropes. Kim calls him the perfect completion to their family of six. Though now split from Kanye, Kim remains committed to peaceful co-parenting of their four kids.

Kim Embraces Motherhood in the Spotlight

As someone who grew up on camera, Kim is no stranger to living life publicly. She has allowed fans to follow her motherhood journey too, while also taking criticism for exposing the kids.

But there’s no doubt Kim loves being a mom. She is often praised for her hands-on parenting and devotion to her young children’s happiness and success. She admits no fame rivals the joy of nurturing her family.

Kim Kardashian Kids FAQs

Here are answers to some key questions about Kim Kardashian’s children with Kanye West:

How many kids does Kim Kardashian have?

Kim has four children total – daughter North, son Saint, daughter Chicago, and son Psalm. All four are with her ex Kanye West.

Does Kim Kardashian have any twins?

No, Kim does not have any twins. Each of her four children were born in different years spaced apart. Though some are close in age.

Who was Kim Kardashian’s first child with?

Kim’s first four children are all with now ex-husband Kanye West. She carried and gave birth to their first two kids North and Saint before using a surrogate for Chicago and Psalm.

How old was Kim when she had her first baby?

Kim gave birth to her first child North in 2013 at age 32. She and Kanye married the next year before expanding their family.

Does Kim use a nanny for her kids?

Yes, though a hands-on mom Kim does employ nannies to help with childcare duties especially when busy working. The family also has chefs, assistants and house staff.

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