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James Brown is rightfully known as the “Godfather of Soul.” With smash hits like “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag” and “Living in America,” he pioneered the funk music genre starting in the 1950s. His legendary performances also popularized dramatic showmanship and dance moves still imitated today.

But long before passing away on Christmas Day 2006, James Brown devoted time to another endeavor – fatherhood. So exactly how many children did the iconic soul singer have over his storied career?

How Many Biological Children Did James Brown Have?

In total, James Brown fathered six biological children over the years. His kids were born from relationships with three different mothers or wives between 1954 and 2001:

  • Teddy Brown (daughter, 1954–1973)
  • Deanna Brown-Thomas (daughter, born 1968)
  • Terry Brown (son, born 1969)
  • Larry Brown (son, born 1970)
  • Daryl Brown (son, born 1970)
  • James Joseph Brown II (son, born 2001)

Sadly James Brown’s first child, daughter Teddy, died tragically in a car accident at age 16. But Brown remained a prominent father figure to his five other children until his 2006 death at age 73.

Who Was James Brown Married To? Overview Of His Wives

James Brown married three different women over the course of his storied career and life. Let’s take a brief look at each wife and their children:

1. Velma Warren (1953-1969) While they never had children together, Brown married his first wife Velma Warren not long after his legendary career took off in 1953. But after 15+ years the couple decided to part ways 1969.

2. Deidre Jenkins (1970-1981)
After briefly reconciling with Velma Warren, Brown married a second time to Deidre Jenkins in 1970. They welcomed daughter Deanna Brown-Thomas together before ultimately divorcing after around 10 years of marriage.

3. Adrienne Rodriguez (1984-1996)
Finally James Brown connected with Adrienne Rodriguez in 1984 and had sons James Brown II and Larry together. The couple adopted son Daryl shortly after he married Adrienne as well. This marriage lasted over a decade until Adrienne sadly died from cosmetic surgery complications.

So while Brown only officially had three spouses, he did father children by other women as well including first daughter Teddy Brown born out of wedlock in 1954.

Did James Brown Go To College? Overview of His Education

Given James Brown’s tumultuous upbringing in 1930s segregated Georgia, higher education opportunities were limited. As a boy, Brown worked odd jobs and narrowly avoided going to juvenile prison after being convicted of theft.

While Brown attended Alfred E. Beach High School in Georgia for a period, not much is known about his completion. As his raw musical talents emerged, he didn’t pursue college and preferred chasing opportunities as an R&B artist.

Nonetheless over his incredible career, Brown did accrue over 10 honorary college degrees from the likes of Knoxville College, Paine College in Georgia, and other institutions recognizing his cultural impact.

What Schools Have James Brown’s Kids Attended?

There is limited publicly available information about the educational backgrounds of all James Brown’s children. But here is what is known:

  • Eldest daughter Dr. Yamma Noyola Brown has attended Havard University and other schools according to sources.
  • Daughter Deanna graduated with honors from Claflin University, a Historically Black College located in South Carolina.

Between chasing music as well as some run-ins with the law, education does not appear to have been the highest priority for all of Brown’s kids so details are unclear. But given their father’s profound influence and musical wealth, opportunity has likely been available over the years.

5 Top FAQs About James Brown’s Children

Here are some quick answers to frequently asked questions online regarding James Brown’s six kids:

How many children did James Brown and his wives have?

  • In total Brown and his three wives had 4 biological children – Deanna, Terry, Larry, and James Brown II.

Does James Brown still have living children?

  • Yes, 5 of Brown’s kids are still living including daughters Deanna and Venisha Brown along with sons Terry, Larry, and James Brown II.

Who inherits James Brown’s money?

  • Brown left behind an estate worth around $100 million. His will split assets between six children, with some challenges over the years on excluded parties receiving a share.

Was James Brown’s money left to education?

  • Yes, Brown set aside $2 million to fund schooling for disadvantaged youths in South Carolina and Georgia from his estate.

Who owns James Brown’s songs now?

  • Primary Atlantic Records subsidiary Rhino Entertainment owns rights to the vast James Brown music catalog and releases to this day.

Though controversial at times, there’s no denying James Brown left an unmatched musical influence for generations to come. Keeping his legacy going remains essential work for family, friends, and fans worldwide even 15+ years after his passing.

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