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Founding Father Alexander Hamilton had a remarkably eventful life even by the standards of Revolutionary America. But how many children did the ten-dollar founding father have?

Over the course of his marriage to Elizabeth “Eliza” Schuyler, Alexander Hamilton fathered eight children – establishing a large family that would become an important part of his lasting legacy.

Overview of Hamilton’s Marriage and Family

Hamilton met his future wife Eliza Schuyler in 1780, marrying less than a year later in 1780. Early on, Hamilton was an absent yet devoted father, oscillating between deeply-involved doting and stretches of distraction while establishing his legal and political career.

Hamilton had a reputation for intense focus and drive – except when it came to his family. As their children grew up, Hamilton’s warm and affectionate relationship with his children would become a hallmark of his private family life. Now, let’s explore the eight children of Alexander and Eliza Hamilton:

The Eight Children of the Hamilton Family

Philip (1782-1801)

The Hamiltons’ first-born son Philip was named after Eliza’s father. Tragically, Philip died in a duel at the age of 19 while attempting to defend his father’s honor.

Angelica (1784–1857)

Angelica Hamilton was named for Eliza’s older sister. She later thrived as a hostess, philanthropist, and devoted daughter to her aging father after her mother’s passing.

Alexander Jr. (1786–1875)

Hamilton’s second son and namesake followed his father’s footsteps into the law and politics, serving as a member of the New York State Assembly.

James Alexander (1788–1878)

The fourth Hamilton child, James Alexander Hamilton also pursued law and politics, even serving as an aide-de-camp during the War of 1812.

John Church Hamilton (1792–1882)

John C. Hamilton became a professional historian and authored a seven-volume biography documenting his father’s seminal early achievements and legacy.

William Stephen Hamilton (1797–1850)

Youngest son William Stephen Hamilton led a quieter life running the family estate and overseeing much of his aging mother’s business.

Eliza Hamilton (1799–1859)

Named for her mother, daughter Eliza Hamilton later managed considerable charitable efforts in 19th century New York City.

Philip Hamilton II (1802–1884)

The last of Alexander Hamilton’s children, Philip II named for his late older brother, grew up to serve in government before focusing on business and family life.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hamilton’s Family

How long was Alexander Hamilton married?

Alexander Hamilton remained married to his wife Elizabeth (Eliza) Schuyler for over 23 years until his untimely demise in 1804 – cut short by dueling rival Aaron Burr when Hamilton was age 49.

Who raised Hamilton’s kids after he died?

After Alexander Hamilton’s early death, his widow Eliza raised their surviving children andsupervised their education into adulthood – assisted at times by other Hamilton familymembers.

Where did Alexander Hamilton go to college?

Unlike peers like Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton never attended university. He was largely self-taught amid his tumultuous upbringing in the Caribbean.

How long did Eliza Hamilton live after her husband died?

Eliza survived her famous husband by over 50 years, living until age 97 while playing a crucial role maintaining Hamilton’s legacy in 19th century America before passing in 1854.

Was Hamilton’s oldest son’s death a suicide?

No. Philip Hamilton died in a duel with lawyer George Eacker in defending his father’s reputation, not by suicide, in 1801 when he was only 19 years old.

Alexander Hamilton established an enormous historical footprint in just 49 years. But his drive for building young America always balanced with devotion to his eight children with loyal wife Eliza by his side until the end. Their family continues impacting Hamilton’s enduring legacy still today.

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