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Introduction to the Epic Career of George Jones

With a whiskey-soaked voice almost as memorable as legends like Hank Williams and Johnny Cash, George Jones ruled the country charts beginning in the 1950s all the way through the early 1990s – earning himself the nickname ‘The Possum” along the way.

Smash heartbreak ballads like “She Thinks I Still Care” and “The Grand Tour” defined Jones as one of music’s greatest singers ever. But what about the man’s private life? Over his decades-spanning career, how many children did the country icon have?

Father to Four Kids Total

While making beautiful misery his trademark in song form, iconic crooner George Jones’ personal affairs – especially romances – were equally complicated. Married four times total, Jones had 4 biological children along the way with three different women.

First 3 Kids With First Wife Shirley Ann Corley

Jones’ firstborn children came early on during his longest-lasting marriage to wife Shirley Ann Corley, whom he wed in 1954 just as his star began to rise. They had:

  • Jeffrey Glenn Jones (born October 1954)
  • Brian Daily Jones (born 1957)
  • Susan Vondenburg (née Jones, born 1959)

Youngest Son With Third Wife Tammy Wynette

Following divorces from both Corley and short-term second wife Shirley Ann Corley, George Jones shocked the world marrying revered country queen and fellow singer Tammy Wynette in 1969 – sparking an iconic but stormy, short-lived musical partnership. Together they welcomed one son:

  • George Glenn Jones Jr (born in 1970)

The two divorced in 1975 but son George Jr. connected with Wynette and both birth parents later despite the rocky past. Tragically though, George Jones Jr. died young himself at just 34 years old.

Staying Connected With His Grown Kids Over Time

While married multiple times and embroiled in addiction demons off and on, Jones made sure to stay an active father figure in his four kids’ lives – especially late in life once achieving sobriety after famously going “cold turkey.”

All three surviving children from his first marriage – including daughter Susan Jones – showed devoted support visiting The Possum frequently right up to his sad death in 2013 at age 81.


Between legendary songs and stormy relationships, George Jones certainly led an eventful life. But despite ups and downs, he found perhaps his most important role offstage as a father to four kids who inherited some of the icon’s resilient spirit. Staying connected amidst the fame as best he could, Jones left a mark on country music history and on his family still evident today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many sons did George Jones have?

A: Jones had 3 sons total – Jeffrey Glenn, Brian Daily Jones, and George Glenn Jones Jr, who sadly died in his early 30s.

Q: Who was George Jones’ third wife?

A: Iconic country singer Tammy Wynette became Jones’ third wife from 1969 to 1975. They had one child – son George Glenn Jones Jr.

Q: What was George Jones’ first child’s name?

A: Jeffrey Glenn Jones was the first of George Jones’ four children, born in late 1954.

Q: How many times was George Jones married?

A: Iconic singer George Jones was married a total of four times over his long career before passing in 2013.

Q: Where did George Jones’ kids grow up?

A: His four kids spent parts of childhood in Texas and Tennessee traveling alongside Jones and his successive wives early on during the peak of his fame.

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