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In recent years, shocking revelations surfaced about late Indiana fertility doctor Donald Cline. After helping hundreds of couples conceive using anonymously donated sperm, a DNA test unearthed his unthinkable decades-long double life. So exactly how many biological kids did disgraced physician Donald Cline secretly father through his own sperm donations without consent?

Cline Secretly Fathered Around 50 Children

In total, it’s estimated respected Indianapolis fertility specialist Dr. Donald Cline secretly fathered at least 50 children of his own using his sperm with fertility patients without their knowledge or consent:

  • 49 confirmed biological children of Donald Cline identified through commercial DNA sites as of 2022
  • Estimates suggest possibly up to 200 half-siblings could exist

Cline committed these egregious violations during the 1970s-1980s, only exposed thanks to modern home DNA testing kits revealing unexpected biological connections starting in 2014.

Living a Shocking Double Life

To unsuspecting couples struggling with infertility, Dr. Donald L. Cline enjoyed esteem as a cutting-edge reproductive endocrinologist. Founding his own local clinic in 1979, Cline relied on so-called “fresh” sperm samples from medical residents to help hopeful patients conceive like traditional mainstream fertility specialists.

However, at some point amidst their private treatments, Cline secretly switched to injecting his own semen into female patients to intentionally impregnate them with his genetic offspring without consent – behavior amounting to sexual assault.

Meanwhile, the seemingly beloved family man raised his official three sons with wife, lawyer, and nursing school educator Loretta Baselice Cline back home as pillars of their Indiana church and neighborhood for decades.

This unfathomable double life persisted throughout Cline’s long career until retirement in 2009. His dark deception was only brought into the light thanks to commercial DNA testing connecting dozens of his secret donor conceived children.

Aftermath of the Lies

After DNA exposed scores of genetic half-siblings and confirmed their biological father as Donald Cline, his baffled victims filed complaints. Despite lying to investigators about using his own sperm only a handful of times, ancestry registry links revealed the shocking magnitude of children produced.

Cline pled guilty to two counts of obstruction of justice in 2017 for lying about impregnating unwitting moms with his sperm, but faced no charges directly related to the reproductive assault itself due to expired statutes of limitations. His medical license was eventually revoked as more siblings kept emerging by the year.

While Donald Cline has never taken accountability or apologized for upending so many lives, the now expanding network of his confirmed sons and daughters have built relationships and a sense of connectedness together as former patients continue grappling with Cline’s deeply disturbing misconduct to this day.


Behind closed doors over years of supposedly helping hopeful couples conceive lived Dr. Donald Cline’s inconceivable secret – illicitly and extensively using his own semen to spawn at least 49 known offspring without consent. After decades keeping his double life under wraps, home DNA tests finally exposed Cline’s truth – further proof that modern technology can uplift skeletons in anyone’s closet no matter how shocking to the unsuspecting victims left behind to assemble the pieces.

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