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If you’re asking ‘how many kids Boosie got?’, then you’re in for a surprise. The influential rapper Boosie Badazz, formerly known as Lil Boosie, is not only known for his robust music career but also for his large family. Boosie is a proud father of eight children as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021.

Boosie’s Children: A Big Happy Family

Born Torrence Hatch Jr. on November 14, 1982, Boosie Badazz rose to prominence in the 2000s with his hard-hitting lyrics and energetic performances. Despite his tough exterior and controversial image, Boosie is known to have a big heart when it comes to his family.

The rapper’s eight children are Iviona, Tarlaysia, Torrence Jr., Toriana, Lyric, MJ, Ivy Ray, and Karmen. The children come from different relationships, and Boosie is very open about his love and dedication to them.

Boosie: A Father First

Boosie’s large family life shows a different side to the public figure known for his music and occasional brushes with the law. He often showcases his role as a loving father on social media, proving that ‘how many kids Boosie got’ isn’t just a question of numbers – it’s about his commitment to his family.


  1. How many kids Boosie got?

Boosie Badazz has eight children.

  1. Who is Boosie Badazz?

Boosie Badazz, formerly known as Lil Boosie, is a well-known rapper from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

  1. What is Boosie known for?

Boosie is recognized for his contributions to hip hop and his unique music style, blending Southern rap traditions with personal and often introspective lyrics.


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To sum it up, the answer to ‘how many kids Boosie got’ is eight. While Boosie Badazz is primarily known for his music career, he is also a devoted father, demonstrating that family plays a significant role in his life.

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