How Many Kids Does Bobby Brown Have? Inside the Singer’s Large Family

Iconic R&B singer Bobby Brown has become almost as well known for his dynamic personal life and ever-growing family over the years as for his musical career. So exactly how many children has the New Edition founding member fathered so far?

As of 2023, Bobby Brown has 7 biological children total – 5 daughters and 2 sons. His kids range in age from early 30s down to elementary school-aged. Let’s explore more inside Brown’s sprawling family tree!

Meet All 7 of Bobby Brown’s Children

Here is an overview of all of Bobby Brown’s offspring with their names, ages, and mothers:

Bobby’s most recent child with wife Alicia sadly passed away shortly after premature birth in 2022.

The legendary R&B bad boy still holds a powerful presence on stage – but he considers fatherhood life’s greatest adventure.

A Complex History of Romance and Relationships

Bobby Brown’s romantic history plays out like a complicated soap opera. His two sons Landon and Bobby Jr. were born to different mothers in the late 80s and early 90s during the height of New Edition fandom. Brown had brief marriages to both mothers Kim Ward and Melika Williams.

While singing for New Edition and launching a massively successful solo career, Bobby’s womanizing and party lifestyle led to great challenges balancing career, co-parenting, and fatherly responsibility.

After struggles with drug abuse contributed to the tragic deaths of Brown’s ex-wife Whitney Houston and son Bobby Jr., Bobby has since embraced sobriety and parenting his younger kids with redemptive compassion.

5 Key Facts About Bobby Brown’s Family

Quick answers to some top questions fans ask about Bobby Brown’s relationships and children:

How many baby mamas does Bobby Brown have?

Brown has 3 baby mamas – Kim Ward, Melika Williams, and wife Alicia Etheredge-Brown.

Is Bobby Brown still married to Alicia Etheredge?

Yes, Bobby and Alicia are still happily married since 2012.

Who has custody of Bobby’s late son Bobby Jr?’s daughter?

Brown Jr.’s mother Kim Ward maintains custody over his daughter Kenzie.

How much child support does Bobby pay monthly?

Estimates indicate Bobby pays around $16,000 in child support among his various offspring.

Did Bobby have more kids with Whitney Houston?

Despite rumors, Bobby and Whitney never had biological children together during their famously turbulent marriage.

Still a Force – But Family Comes First

With three 30-something kids from early relationships and several more grade school-aged offspring at home, Bobby Brown handles an impressively complex family dynamic these days. Tragedy and time taught him that fatherhood provides life’s greatest rewards and lessons now.

At his essence, through the fame fortune and drama, Bobby remains committed to nurturing his relationships with ALL his children. For him, family love gives meaning to the music legend he’s become.

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