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Veteran comedian and TV personality Steve Harvey has been making audiences laugh for over 30 years. He hosted The Steve Harvey Show and has emceed popular programs like Family Feud, the Miss Universe Pageant, and his own Steve talk show.

But when he’s not working, Steve Harvey enjoys spending time with his rather large family. So exactly how many biological children does Steve Harvey have?

How Many Biological Children Does Steve Harvey Have?

In total, Steve Harvey has four biological children – three daughters and one son. His kids were born from two previous marriages before his current union with wife Marjorie.

Here is the rundown on Harvey’s biological children:

  • Daughters: Brandi (age 39), Karli (age 34), Lori (age 33)
  • Son: Broderick Jr. (age 30)

So while Steve Harvey has fathered four natural born children over the years, his blended family is actually bigger than that.

Who Are Steve Harvey’s 7 Kids from Different Mothers?

When you include Harvey’s stepchildren from his third marriage to Marjorie, the total number of Steve Harvey kids adds up to seven. Here is some background:

Steve was first briefly married to Marcia Harvey from 1980 to 1994. They had three kids – twin daughters Brandi and Karli, and son Broderick Harvey Jr.

After divorcing Marcia in the 90s, Steve married Mary Shackelford from 1996 to 2005. They had another daughter named Lori together.

Finally, Steve Harvey married his current wife Marjorie in 2007. Marjorie brought four children of her own to the relationship – three daughters and one son named Jason.

So while only four carry his bloodline, Steve Harvey considers all seven kids part of his family. He relies on his religious faith to blend the big family together.

Where Did Steve Harvey Go To College?

With Steve Harvey’s busy entertainment career, he never actually graduated from college. However, he did briefly attend Kent State University as well as West Virginia University.

During a 2017 commencement speech at Alabama State University, Harvey joked he took “the program Steve Harvey College – and flunked freshman, sophomore, junior and senior year!”

Nonetheless, over the decades the popular comedian and host has received honorary degrees from Alabama State University, Alabama A&M University, Savannah State University, and more.

What Schools Have Steve Harvey’s Kids Attended?

While information on their education isn’t well publicized, Steve Harvey’s website does mention a few educational details about his children:

  • His son Broderick Harvey Jr. graduated from the University of Miami and is said to hold a business degree.
  • His daughter Lori also graduated from college. She is known for founding clothing company Need Brand and being an aspiring actress.
  • Stepson Jason Harvey is a chef who studied at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu culinary school.

Steve and wife Marjorie have also founded The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation, which provides scholarships and youth outreach. So education clearly remains an important emphasis among their family.

5 Top Steve Harvey Kids FAQs

Here are answers to some of the most asked questions online regarding Steve Harvey’s children:

How old was Steve Harvey when he had his first kid?

  • Steve Harvey was around 24 years old when his first children, twin daughters Brandi and Karli, were born in 1982.

What does Steve Harvey’s daughter Lori do?

  • Daughter Lori Harvey works as a model and social media influencer. She also runs her Need Brand clothing company and previously competed in Miss Universe pageants.

Who is Steve Harvey’s most famous daughter?

  • Lori Harvey garners the most fame as she has 3 million Instagram followers. Daughters Brandi and Karli and stepdaughter Morgan also have some online followings.

Is Steve Harvey’s family rich?

  • Yes, Steve Harvey and wife Marjorie are considered wealthy. Between his hosting salary, books, and Family Feud earnings, Celebrity Net Worth estimates Steve’s net worth at $200 million.

How much do Steve Harvey’s kids inherit?

  • Details haven’t been made public. But lawyer Ron Rale predicts each child could inherit around $10 million from trusts Steve sets aside. Inheritances likely depend on Harvey’s assets when he passes.

While all the details aren’t known, educating his children and stepchildren seems a priority in Harvey’s blended family empire moving forward. Fans continue watching to see what’s next for his entertaining career and large family too.

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